Advanced Startup Workshops

Master critical startup growth skills

Startups need a lot of things but most importantly they need money from two principal sources: customers and investors. These workshops are designed to accelerate your progress to getting money from customers and investors into your startup.

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Selling to Grow

Find customers and make sales! Your innovative business or startup must make sales to thrive. Our experienced facilitators have a proven track record in selling, we love empowering entrepreneurs to make sales by helping them to put into practice simple methods that really work. This workshop will help you understand the tools and techniques you need to sell your idea to real customers.

Raising Capital

Learn how to use InvestorFinder tool to systemise your investor search and how to work on progressing the investor pipeline to raise capital you need to grow your company. The workshop is highly practical, we will guide you through actually finding potential investors for your startup.

Negotiating Terms

Learn how venture investments work by actually negotiating a term sheet. In this intensive group exercise you will experience a realistic negotiation over terms including valuation. You’ll experience common pitfalls and traps and you’ll learn tricks you can use to minimise your chance of failing to raise money and maximise your chance to successfully close an investment round.

Got an innovative business idea?

Gain invaluable advice that will help you identify growth opportunities and potentially assist you in avoiding the common pitfalls of starting and managing a new business.

Advanced Startup Workshop
I wish I’d done the workshop before I’d started selling!

Tina McIntosh

Advanced Startup Workshop
A realistic simulation of sitting in the ‘hot seat’ of a business transaction. About as close as you could get to the real thing in a short space of time.

David Griffin