Idea to Impact

Maximise your startup business impact

Idea to Impact is an intensive program for entrepreneurs introducing practical tools to master the art of turning an ambitious idea into a high-growth high-impact business.

As an entrepreneur you may be frustrated by the amount of time, effort and money it takes to translate your idea from concept to meaningful impact.

Business projects and courses in designing training have relentlessly expanded in the Australia in the course of recent decades. In any case, the nature of these business courses and programs and the attributes of the educators who encourage them are not yet surely known.

The paper investigates three research questions: 1) What substance is regularly incorporated into building enterprise courses and how is this substance educated?; 2) What are teachers’ convictions about how enterprise ought to be educated in the designing setting; and 3) How are educators’ convictions incited inside a specific class identified with understudies’ self-announced impression of their pioneering learning and capacities?

The research made by demonstrates that substance related with various course types, for example, Becoming an Entrepreneur, New Venture Development, and Product Idea and Development, regularly covers considerably, recommending an absence of lucidity in how these kinds of courses are characterized. Second, educators who train business to designing understudies accept that projects and courses should concentrate similarly on both showing aptitudes and creating qualities and frames of mind; and teachers feel positive about their capacity to concentrate on both of these in their courses.

At long last, toward the finish of the business course, understudies’ view of their own capacities were observed to be like their teachers’ goals for the courses, especially for understudies with less innovative experience as estimated by their coursework, inclusion in enterprise related exercises.

Work with other like-minded entrepreneurs to master the practical art of lean innovation. Understand the critical importance of identifying and testing assumptions and learn how to do it in a very rapid and lean way.

We will challenge you with fast-paced real-world tasks to empower you to:

  • Make faster progress using practical lean approaches
  • Test your ideas and reduce mistakes
  • Identify the right market opportunity
  • Create an exciting value proposition and pitch it effectively
  • Build the right prototype
  • Find the right partners and funding

Program Structure

Idea to Impact is four half-day workshops plus homework challenges over two months.

Workshop 1

Innovation essentials and
finding market need

Workshop 2

Value proposition for
big impact

Workshop 3

Prototyping – build what customers need

Workshop 4

Pitching for

Who can benefit:

Entrepreneurs working on innovation at all stages:

  • Searching for the right idea
  • Got a great idea and in the early stages of creating a startup
  • Angel or venture funded startups
  • Established SMEs (update your existing skills with new innovation methods)