Brr! It’s the week before daylight savings switches over and the urge to stay in bed is strong. We’ve heard all sorts of techniques from entrepreneurs about how to stay motivated, but is it all bulletproof coffees and ice-cold showers?

We talked to the startups about their top tips to get out of the rut when struggling with motivation.

  1. Write down your goals
    Get it out of your head and onto some paper. Work on your SMART Goals (specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-based) and remind yourself of the ‘why’.
  2. Listen to music
    Neuromusicology studies the way our nervous system reacts to music. Music is an incredible tool which can help reduce fatigue, stimulate creativity and boost happiness.
  3. Coffee, coffee, coffee
    Apart from the obvious effects of caffeine to boost your mood and energy, the ritual of the coffee can get you up and at ‘em and also provide invaluable moments for relationship building.
  4. Brainstorm with others
    When you feel like you’ve hit a wall, its great to talk to other people. Gather a crew, get away from your desk and use a different part of your brain for a session. Troubleshooting with others can help you find a different approach or spark new interest into an old job.
  5. Exercise
    When you feel like you can’t do something, go DO something! Walk around the block, do a lunchtime yoga class, lift something heavy. As much as you hate to acknowledge it, exercise gives you endorphins, energy and helps you sleep better.
  6. Speak to a customer
    Your customers are full of good stories and challenges. Checking in with them might start something new, redefine a problem or even get you that lightbulb moment. Who knows, they might even give you some motivational money!
  7. Take action
    Some people believe that motivation is a myth and that only action counts. Your big scary goals aren’t so scary when you break them down into actionable steps. So go, tick one off.

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