In the lead up to National Cyber Week, we are working with Austcyber Canberra Cyber Security Innovation Node in featuring some of Canberra’s leading cyber companies.

We spoke to Darryl Hoffman, Director of Strategy and Capability at Aegis9. Learn about what they do, what they are proud of and why Canberra is the best place to do business.

Tell us about your company, when and why was it founded?

Aegis9 is a 100% Australian owned Small to Medium Enterprise consultancy that specialises in providing tailored security solutions for both public and private sector clients. Aegis9 was founded in 2017 to provide genuine pragmatic solutions without the sales driven and target based approach. We set out attract great humans with brilliant minds, and solve complex security problems – a goal I believe we continue to achieve.

What products and services do you provide?

Aegis9 provides core services across all aspects of security including Intelligence, physical, personnel, information, and cyber operations.

Through our tailored approach, we seek to find the balance between product, process, and people—ensuring that the overall framework exists to deliver the best outcomes for your organisation. Our team works with our customers to design, implement and manage a security solutions that support business outcomes delivering real, ongoing and lasting results

Tell us about the skillset and dynamic of the team?

Aegis9’s skilled and highly experienced personnel have an average of 18 years’ experience in the security industry. They have delivered programs for large Government Departments and private enterprises alike. Our personnel have expertise across the full breadth of security requirements, including high level enterprise risk and governance through to cyber operations and analytics. We have specialists in Intelligence, Compliance, Architecture, Risk, Defensive systems, and adversarial simulation, each working together to bring the full expertise of Aegis9 to all engagements. Our staff are industry experts and highly motivated to take on complex security challenges that support tangible outcomes.

Tell us about the current cyber landscape in Australia?

While Australia’s cyber credentials are quite strong, there is a real opportunity for Australia to develop into a world leader. The level of innovation and critical thinking that exists within the cyber community never ceases to amaze me. The challenge is harnessing this capability to develop new, agile security solutions that can adapt to the ever changing threat landscape. The general public are becoming more aware of cyber issues, which can only help drive further interest and innovation in the industry.

What advice do you have for startups and business around cyber security?

Believe in what you do, and realise things will go wrong at times. What is important is how you respond when things do go wrong.

What are you most proud of so far?

Our amazing people, our support of the Indigenous community through our initiative, Wambinya Buwanha, and our ability to solve the largest and most complex security problems.

What quote or philosophy do you stand by?

Integrity is the most valuable and respected quality of leadership.

Why do you think Canberra is a great place to do business?

The combination of private enterprise, local government and federal government creates and environment full of innovation and creativity. That, and the people are great.