2022 Investor Showcase

On Friday 25th March, level 5 was buzzing with excitement as the annual Investor Showcase saw the room filled with more than 50 investors and 17 companies raising capital!

The event included rapid fire 60 second pitches from each company, followed by tradeshow style format to allow companies to maximise quality interactions with interested investors.

Funds present included Our Innovation Fund Ventures, ANU Connect Ventures, Jelix Ventures, Skalata Ventures, Significant Early Venture Capital, Main Sequence, EVP, Epicorp Pty Ltd, Galileo Ventures, Capital Angels and Empress Capital Investments.

Presenting companies were:

  • Aurabox is a cloud-based, medical imaging platform that allows doctors to access complete medical imaging histories for their patients in one place.
  • Dentroid is developing a patented in-mouth A.I and laser enabled robotic device for dentists.
  • Evalue8 Sustainability’s enables your carbon emissions reporting to be as up-to-date as your accounting and survey information.
  • Flexegraph creates nanofluids that exceed the performance of traditional coolants.
  • KordTech is an Australian technology company with US subsidiaries.
  • Lanterne is a data science and geospatial analytics company focused on fleet optimisation
  • Membrane Transporter Engineers – build selective components for bespoke membranes for harvesting target resources like precious metals, minerals, nutrients and clean water from complex liquids and wastewater sources.
  • Miiroko are a subscription home hair colour where users can have direct access to hairdressers online to help select and apply the colour at home.
  • Mineral Carbonation (MCi) has developed a scalable carbon platform technology that safely captures and converts industrial CO2 emissions into solid bulk materials used in new low-carbon products for construction, industrial and consumer markets and enabling the circular economy.
  • Nomad Atomics is bringing the promise of quantum systems to reality with the development and deployment of world leading compact, robust, and portable quantum sensors.
  • Nuj AI is a SaaS Platform that provides AI model and data tools that enable companies to utilize machine learning tools with less dependence on rare AI/big data experts.
  • RecoveryVR provides a virtual reality application that motivates more adherence to rehab activities in the home or clinic while also providing measurement data, adherence tracking and unlimited healthcare access using a custom-built telehealth portal.
  • Rosella Street is a successful AI-driven marketplace already working with thousands of listings and over 50 partnerships with councils, universities, schools, and housing developments.
  • Seitec is a seismic security company focused on creating leading edge technology to protect key assets and personnel.
  • Spark3D is going to transform the electronics manufacturing sector through the rapid manufacturing of multi-material electronics.
  • UnicornShift is a platform that orchestrates infrastructure construction and maintenance
  • Wildlife Drones aims to enable autonomous monitoring across every ecosystem on the planet for a more sustainable future.

Canberra is full of amazing projects and the event gave just a taste of what the nation’s capital has to offer. We’ll be providing an update at the one month and three-month milestones to find out the outcomes following the investor showcase. Last year saw an impressive 25 million dollars raised collectively by companies who presented at the showcase (noting this includes activity generated separately to the showcase).