Got an idea for making Canberra a better place? How does up to $20k sound?

Help change the future of Canberra by submitting an idea, concept, or proposal to Canberra Innovation Network’s Adaptive City Innovation Challenge!

The Canberra Innovation Network has paired up with ActewAGL to encourage, and reward, Canberrans with innovative ideas that could change the future of our city. As Canberrans, we know this city is more than politicians and museums. Last year Canberra was named the world’s most sustainable city and this did not come as a shock to locals as we have been innovating and creating concepts that have helped us turn our city into a more sustainable, beautiful, and eccentric one.

This month, Canberrans can throw their hats into the innovation ring and help change the future of Canberra by submitting an idea, concept, or proposal to the Adaptive City Innovation Challenge! The challenge calls for creative concepts that aim to make Canberra a better place for our growing population.

It’s predicted that by 2040 Canberra will be home to over 1 million people, and with this boom we will need more work, activities, transport, technology, health facilities, and housing solutions. The Canberra Innovation Network is seeking ideas to help transform our city to help facilitate the expected population growth.

Entrants will have the chance to win up to $20,000 cash and mentoring to help bring their ideas to life. The competition is split into two streams, Drop an Idea and See you in 2040.

Drop an Idea is an accessible category designed to encourage anyone to submit an idea, even if they’re not sure how to execute it. Ideas in this category can win up to $5000 in cash!  This category is ideal for students, under 18s, and people who have great ideas but aren’t necessarily interested in being part of the implementation.

If you want the chance to materialise your idea or concept, enter the See you in 2040 challenge stream. Ideas in this category have the chance to win up to $15,000 in cash and an invitation to the Canberra Innovation Network to be mentored by a team of successful and experienced entrepreneurs. The mentor team will take participants through rapid workshops designed to help develop the perfect pitch for the final judging panel.

Petr Adamek, CEO of the Canberra Innovation Network sees the competition as an opportunity to make real and necessary changes to our city, such as encouraging women in innovation and continuing to strive toward sustainability.

“Our world is changing very rapidly. Over the past 18 months we have worked with the innovation community in Canberra on how to make our city more adaptive across a number of themes, including business, tourism, creative industries, skills and female entrepreneurship,” he says.

The Canberra Innovation Network is encouraging anyone and everyone in Canberra to give this a go! The competition is open to all ages, with necessary consent and supervision, and will give Canberrans a chance to have a say in the future of our city.

The competition closes on the 15 April, so you had better get your ideas in now!

Submit your idea at adaptivecity.cbrin.com.au.

Article originally published by HerCanberra