The COVID-19 pandemic has left many of us feeling a bit helpless; knocked about by events out of our control. The Changemaker Career and Craft Hub will focus on how each of us can make positive change to impact ourselves, our work, the community, and the world.

The Hub, open in Dickson for four mornings in November and December, will blow apart the concept that we can’t influence situations we see around us. It will offer a range of thought-provoking workshops and fun activities for adults and children. Adults (and older kids) may consider how they might like to be part of ‘change’; either through starting a business, pursuing their next job or volunteering. The events will also encourage people to spend time enjoying the area, in the Craft and Catch-up zone.

“People coming along to the workshops will be able to talk to a range of inspirational speakers from different backgrounds and also have some time to reflect,” says Claire Harris, the Hub organiser.

“Local business owners, community advocates, career strategists, thought leaders and scientists will help participants explore themes like: the future of work, leadership and community, how to be a changemaker, how we all can participate in sustainability, social good, charity, diversity and culture,” she says.

Activities and discussions on offer include:

  • A walk and talk in the courtyards of Dickson exploring themes of comfort and excitement, social connection, empowerment and what we can control in our work lives.
  • Workshops to help with career and job decisions: uncover your hidden superpowers, tap into your values, avoid the common pitfalls in job interviews, and how to make change effectively.
  • Discussions with sustainability leaders working to improve the Dickson area (and the world).
  • Showcases of business owners and other locals who are ‘doing things differently’, from business to charity.
  • For-purpose craft, where everyone can create a ‘Brave Bot’ for sick kids at Calvary Hospital.
  • Demonstrations, readings from ACT Libraries and other activities in the Craft and Catch-up zone (where you can also grab a coffee from a local café).

“Creating change—for your life, your family or your society—can be very hard work but also incredibly fulfilling. However, dealing with uncertainty, which we have all faced through 2020, can make the things we’re dealing with in life a bit more exhausting,” says Claire.

“We don’t have to make changes alone. I believe that starting with the choice to change and then having a chat with someone else helps.

“By providing a place for people to come together, I hope we can share our ideas and build connections. And maybe we can start to answer some of the big questions like: What kind of society do we want to live in? How can we be better, kinder humans and use our superpowers for good? How do we want to use our energy at work and who do we want to help or work with?” said Claire.

Changemaker Career and Craft Hub will run on Friday 13, Friday 20, Saturday 28 November and Friday 4 Dec from 10:00am–12:30pm.
For more information and to book your tickets, visit their website.

Changemaker Career and Craft Hub is made possible with support from the ACT Government under the City Renewal Authority’s Dickson Grants program. Also presented as part of the annual DESIGN Canberra festival (9-29 November 2020) which celebrates and promotes Canberra as a global city of design. A Craft ACT: Craft + Design Centre initiative.