Innovation Showcase Charity Profiles: Gungan Gulwan

We are passionate about giving back to the community at the Canberra Innovation Network. That’s why we will donate $5 for every attendee at our Innovation Showcase to local Canberra organisations. We chose the organisations that best embody our values of being clever, connected and creative.

We would like to introduce our final organisation, Gugan Gulwan Youth Aboriginal Corporation (Gugan Gulwan), which represents the creative area of CBRIN.

Gugan Gulwan Youth Aboriginal Corporation (Gugan Gulwan) was established and Incorporated under the Aboriginal Councils Act 1976 on 17 August 1992. It was created to support young Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and their families in the ACT and surrounding regions to thrive and succeed.

From small and humble beginnings Gugan Gulwan has continued to expand its services and respond to the current and emerging needs of the ACT community.  Gugan Gulwan is currently located in the ACT suburb of Wanniassa.

Gugan Gulwan actively shares its expertise with others and works in partnership to create opportunities for the voices of children and youth to be heard across the sector and within government.

The services they offer include case management, community engagement, counselling, direct service delivery; policy development; program design; systems design; program evaluation and oversight; partnership development; financial and capital management; human resources; information technology; information management and analytics; organisational development; and administration. While not always visible, each of these functions is crucial for serving the region’s young people effectively and responsibly.

Gugan Gulwan is committed to protecting, nurturing and supporting children, youth and their families as they grow – from birth, through childhood, adolescence and into adulthood. They collaborate and partner with clients through a range of programs that far exceed the services provided by most youth centres.

The mandate of Gugan Gulwan is twofold. The first is to work with, and through, many partners to establish a system of services and supports that strengthen families and help those of our children and youth who are experiencing vulnerability. The second is to lead advocacy and effective policy development on issues that affect all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children and youth.

Since its creation, Gugan Gulwan has built considerable expertise in the area of child and youth development. This focus on positive development informs the role as a champion and catalyst for the outcomes of all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children and youth in the ACT region.

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