Level up your sustainability game

Do you want to take your business on a sustainability journey? Or are you already making sustainable changes and looking for some extra inspiration? 

Canberrans buy, use and discard more items per person than almost any other city in the world, depleting natural resources and polluting the environment we depend on. The ACT has an ecological footprint nearly 14 times larger than its geographical area. Things like supply chains, importation of goods and the waste we export, help Canberrans dissociate from the impacts we are making. 

To become the sustainable, livable bush capital we can be proud of for future generations, we need to go beyond just recycling. We must transform linear take–make–waste consumption into circular practices that rethink how and what we consume, maximise avoidance of waste, and keep resources efficiently in use. 

Come along to the CBR360 Circular Economy Symposium where you’ll hear from local sustainability leaders, including CBRIN coworker Sophia Hamblin Wang from MCi, about how they’re building Canberra’s circular economy.  

With a line up of 20 speakers from across all sectors of the Canberra Region, make connections and get in the loop at this one-day-only event! 

For more information and to get your tickets visit cbr360.org.au