10 groundbreaking Canberra companies have been tasked to put their best pitch forward at the Innovation Showcase 2020.

The companies will have just 90 seconds on the clock to win you over. Tune in at 3pm next Wednesday and watch them battle it out!

Meet the companies

01. Evalue8 Sustainability

Ilea Buffier
Organisations are not empowered to measure and reduce their carbon. The process is costly and time-consuming, yet there are substantial benefits for acting. Evalue8 Sustainability automates the process and identifies saving opportunities, allowing clients to track and demonstrate their progress.

02. Space Services Australia

Christopher Capon
Space Services Australia provides software infrastructure to develop, test and operate intelligent space systems safely. Their product portfolio, focused on simulation and analytics, delivers sophisticated and intuitive digital twin infrastructure built for scale. By making space simpler and more collaborative, they help organisations turn science-fiction into reality.

03. Aquaporin Solutions

Caitlin Byrt
Clean water can be isolated from wastewater using current separation technologies, but other valuable resources in the wastewater are lost. Aquaporin Solutions have solved this problem by advancing separation technologies so that valuable resources, such as nutrients, can be efficiently harvested from wastewater for reuse whilst also generating clean water.

04. Robots4Good

Megan Gilmour
Robots4Good robots-as-a-service help people in education, health, disability, aged-care, and work settings to close the social gap caused by physical distance. With telepresence technology and one-click, robots can put anyone in a room from anywhere so they can see and hear, be seen and heard, and even move around.

05. Quantum Brilliance

Andrew Horsley
Quantum Brilliance is a world leader in building commercially viable quantum computers, operating at room temperature and powered by diamond. Their vision is to shrink quantum computers down to be smaller than a lunchbox, and to enable quantum to slot in wherever computers are found today: from data centres to satellites.

06. Prism Neuro

Elizabeth McGrath
Prism Neuro is an early stage university start-up focused on solutions to measure and improve human movement control. Their technology has applications in sports and the military to identify performance potential and risk of injury, and in health where ageing, injury and disease can all have negative impacts on the movement control system.

07. Heaps Normal

Andy Miller
Heaps Normal is normalising mindful drinking by brewing beer that tastes so good, you won’t miss the alcohol. Whether you’re taking a night off or ditching the booze for life, they reckon it’s time to talk about something more interesting…like the epic stuff you’re doing instead of getting wasted.

08. Six8 Coffee

Daniel Neuhaus
Six8 Coffee Roasters partner with cafes to deliver incredible coffee to the region, whilst creating local jobs and economic growth! They give $1 from every kg of coffee that we sell to their mission partners who are working to rescue, rehabilitate and prevent child sexual slavery.

09. Ethitrade

Zoe Piper
Consumers are increasingly demanding more information and seeking assurances that the goods they purchase are safe and ethically produced. Partnering with The Asia Foundation and DFAT, Ethitrade have developed a blockchain-based provenance platform, providing consumers with visibility of the journey goods took through the supply chain.

10. FifthDomain

Matt Wilcox
FifthDomain is a technology company specialising in training and simulation platforms for cyber security operations. Their platform supports skill acquisition and assessment across labs, ranges, and competitions. Tasks and challenges are measured at the individual level, providing sophisticated competency analytics to inform cyber workforce management.


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