Earlier this month Canberra Innovation Network (CBRIN) invited Anthony Boogert, Senior Associate at King & Wood Mallesons, to host a webinar called ‘Shaping the Deal’.

Drawing on his expertise in mergers and acquisitions, as well as start-up and SME investing, Boogert spent 90 minutes with our entrepreneurs and helped individuals better mould (and then articulate) their value propositions to maximise value.

Over the course of a lunch break, he presented an outline of what excites an investor, what pitfalls they’re on high alert for, and what sets a pitch apart from the noise.

“Interactive webinars like Shaping the Deal are such a powerful way to get highly specific feedback and advice on challenges that face a new business”, says Zachary Dowse from the CBRIN Growth Team.

“These events connect experts and entrepreneurs and provide a platform to inform and discuss important aspects of growing a business. Participants receive top quality advice and direction from Australia’s top advisors. This is an opportunity to spend an hour and a half with extremely proficient experts, such as Anthony, and ask questions that are relevant and important”.

Shaping the Deal, and webinars like it, empower participants to engage deeply with a subject matter that concerns their particular innovation/idea in a supportive and interactive manner, with the opportunity to connect with an expert and CBRIN more broadly.

According to one attendee “This webinar was excellent! Things that I have struggled to get straight answers on or understand in the past were really clearly presented, and the questions were answered so well.”

Boogert also enjoyed his time with those on the call: “It was a pleasure presenting to members of Canberra Innovation Network, which plays a critical role in supporting Canberra’s innovation ecosystem, on fundraising and corporate governance issues their businesses may face”.

Here at Canberra Innovation Network, we’re able to tap into experts across industries due to our partnership with firms like King & Wood Mallesons, and, in turn, give our community access to leading voices and decision-makers. Australia’s business experts are happy to provide their time to entrepreneurs as it embeds them as crucial pieces to the innovation ecosystem in Canberra. They generate contacts and other connections that lead to opportunities to collaborate and ensure entrepreneurs are equipped with the right advice to take their projects forward.

For more events like this see our website’s events page, which is also the place to register for our monthly First Wednesday Connect.