2023 Innovation Showcase Pitcher Profile: Belinda Newham

The 2023 Innovation Showcase is Canberra Innovation Network’s biggest event of the year! It offers a unique opportunity to recognise the amazing individuals in the innovation and startup ecosystem, highlighting their successes and inspiring even bigger goals for the new year!

At this year’s Innovation Showcase, Canberra startups will go head-to-head in a high-intensity pitching competition judged by YOU.

So, who will be part of this epic lineup?

Introducing Belinda from Decision Revolution:

What impact do you see your innovation having when shaping the future?

Decision Revolution is putting decision science into the hands of decision makers.

Decisions impact everything we do and everything in the world around us.

Leaders in governments and large organisations make decisions that change the course of our future, the environment, and humanity. Community and social enterprises make decisions on why, where and how to best impact their cause. Individuals make decisions that shape where and how they live, and with whom.

Most decision makers have no access to decision science. They make decisions that are reactive to their circumstances, reliant on their past experience, and at the mercy of their default tendencies and bias.

By making decision science methods, tools and techniques available to decision makers, we can help them make rigorous, value-based decisions that truly represent the best value overall.

What has been the high of the year for you?

Doubling the size of my team (from 1 to 2)! Dr Don Gomez joined me in July 2023 and has brought an immense amount of skill and expertise in research and analysis into the organisation.

I also received an ICON grant from the ACT Government, facilitated by CBRIN, in June. As an entrepreneur, it felt really validating to have that external recognition that I was on to something! The grant will support Decision Revolution to reach more individuals and help them build their decision making capabilities.

If you could disinvent something, what would it be and why?

The 24-hour news cycle! It has significantly impacted the way people approach decisions, given the constant barrage of breaking news and real-time information. This environment makes informed and thoughtful decision-making almost impossible and reinforces the challenges associated with biases such as availability and confirmation bias. The constant state of ‘change’ perpetuated in the 24-hour news cycle also fuels anxiety and fear of regret.

What is one innovation that has shaped your future?

It sounds so simple now, but the proliferation of video conferencing and tools that support virtual work. These have allowed me to support clients all over Australia, and to build my business flexibly around my other commitments. Without this option, I would not have been able to pursue my dreams of starting Decision Revolution!

Want to learn more about Belinda and Decision Revolution? Watch her pitch at the Innovation Showcase on Wednesday, 6 December 2023. Register now!