Canberra startup changing the world of 3D-printing

Canberra advanced technology startup Syenta has been listed among top ten 3D printing startups to watch by 3D print.com, an online magazine that covers industry stories to help investors, enterprises, and decision-makers understand and tap into the potential of the rapidly growing additive manufacturing sector.

Syenta is transforming the electronics manufacturing sector with a patented fabrication method that enables the 3D printing of multi-material electronics with fewer steps and less waste. After landing a $3.7 million Seed round to revolutionise electronics manufacturing, the company has the potential to reshape the electronics manufacturing market.

According to Vanessa Listek, author of the above mentioned article, the additive manufacturing sector continues producing exciting and disruptive startups across a range of verticals from medicine to aerospace and despite the economic downturn of 2022, VC firms continued putting their faith in the 3D printing market.

3D printing plays a transformative role in manufacturing by enabling the production of customized, high-quality parts at a low cost and in a short time. This enables companies to respond quickly to customer needs, improve product performance and sustainability, and ultimately change the way products are designed, produced and distributed.

The story of Syenta confirms that a young Canberra technology startup, spinout of a Canberra based knowledge institution, invested by Australian venture capital, and a graduate of local ecosystem programs, can rapidly rise to rank confidently among world leading technology companies that are backed by global industry giants, such as GE or spinouts of the world’s most prominent universities, such as the MIT.

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Article written by CEO of Canberra Innovation Network, Petr Adámek.