Gen Z in a Coworking Office: The Next Generation of Wave Makers

Born in 2000, I am a Gen Z, and I thought it would be interesting to interview a few of the other Gen Zs who work at the Canberra Innovation Network’s (CBRIN) coworking office. I often reflect on how different the environment can be from the traditional cooperate world. The coworking office at CBRIN offers a unique and relaxed environment fostering a come-as-you-are attitude, where connections with a diverse group of people are just another part of the day.

I gathered five other Gen Z members within the coworking community to discover their thoughts about coworking, specifically at CBRIN. The interviewees were: Nicole (22) from MIIROKO, Max (26) and Liam (25) from My Green Butler, Owen (20) from Oculo Digital, and Morgan (23) from Rosella Street. From subscription hair colour to revolutionizing sustainability for hospitality, the companies that reside at CBRIN are changing the world, and Gen Zs have an opportunity to be at the forefront of it. Throughout the interview, everyone shared their unique perspectives on the benefits and opportunities coworking at CBRIN provides through a Gen Z lens.

Collectively, we found the coworking environment allows for a more relaxed and approachable atmosphere. Inside CBRIN’s space, there isn’t a particular dress code that we all abide by, but instead everyone wears whatever they feel comfortable in, whether it be jeans and a t-shirt, business casual or whatever suits the person’s vibe or work requisite for the day. We discussed how expensive corporate clothing can be, so not being required to wear them daily is one less monetary cost for people to deal with, especially for us Gen Zs. Without the daily traditional, professional style of the cooperate world, it also creates a more approachable feel. At CBRIN, you never know who you might run into, maybe a CEO of a major company or an Angel Investor in jeans and a t-shirt. CBRIN offers a friendly environment which, allows for more opportunities for young people like us to feel comfortable making valuable connections.

Additionally, we discussed how working in a coworking space can smooth the transition from university and part-time jobs to full-time employment, which can be challenging or even a shock for some people. At CBRIN, small start-up companies offer flexible hours and accommodate personal commitments. The coworking community also provides opportunities for professional development, such as workshops (Lunch and Learns) and networking events (Female Founders), as well as a visually stimulating environment with loads of greenery and colorful décor, to boost creativity and inspiration.

During the interview, we also found that a coworking space is beneficial because working or studying from home can be difficult for many people, especially Gen Z individuals who are usually looking to make new friends and who also put a high value on socialization and human interactions. For example, Max had worked from his living room for seven months and noted that his biggest struggles were the lack of socialisation and the inability to ‘switch off’ when he had finished for the day. He finds it refreshing to come into a space where socialising is just another part of the workday. This is also the case for Owen, who owns his own video production business. Instead of working from home, he decided to work from CBRIN, to gain the benefits of the network and collaboration that the space offers. Whether it be through networking events, casual conversations over coffee or while heating up your lunch, we have access to collaborating and learning from a unique group of professionals.

As a group, we feel like we are ahead of the game compared to other Gen Zs, due to our connections with CBRIN. We have been graced with a network of diverse people from all different backgrounds and skill sets whom we can turn to at any stage of our, or their journeys. Not only that, but as a group we also found that these connections mean we have advice, mentorship and clients at the tip of our fingers, aspects that would be harder to find if we were working on our own from home.

So, if you’re a Gen Z, or better yet, any generation, we highly recommend checking out CBRIN’s coworking space! It offers a variety of resources for SMEs, startups and those with innovative ideas. To sweeten the deal even further, the coworking space at CBRIN  encompasses networking opportunities, mentorship, flexibility, and a strong sense of community. If you’re interested, make sure to book a coworking tour or come along to some of our networking events (like First Wednesday Connect), to collaborate with like-minded innovators and entrepreneurs. You never know who you might meet in the kitchen over lunch or in a friendly game of ping pong! The next Angel Investor of the Year? The next company to launch satellites into space? Come and meet them at CBRIN and join our innovation ecosystem!

Written by Tash Kelly