Meet Canberra’s Up & Coming Innovators!

Meet Canberra’s Up & Coming Innovators! 

Amazing innovations are emerging from Canberra, aiming to help everyone from teachers, and bakers, to construction workers and music makers.

In partnership with the ACT Government, the Canberra Innovation Network is pleased to announce 7 new innovative businesses that have received combined funding of $157,000 and are now well on their way to seeing their vision become a reality.


ICON provides early-stage businesses an opportunity to receive matched funding between $10,000-$30,000 and is designed to support the market testing, prototyping, patenting and commercial feasibility of the recipient’s concept.


The Canberra Innovation Network aims to empower entrepreneurs and businesses to build on Canberra’s excellence in research and innovation to create social and economic benefits for all citizens. More than 10,000 visitors engage with the network every year through events, programs, and innovation-focused educational courses the network supports and runs.

The Canberra Innovation Network has seen many entrepreneurs and seen the success of ICON recipients over the years and how they have contributed to Canberra as an innovative city, Hannah Hartgers, ICON Program Manager says

“Canberrans are using innovation to create impactful businesses of the future, these grant recipients showcase the variety of new ideas being developed here…”


Hannah Hartgers is looking forward to seeing how these projects will flourish in 2023, “…It’s great to see Canberra support these innovative projects and we look forward to the next round of entrepreneurs looking to change the world.”


The November 2022 Innovation Connect Recipients:

  • Bakesale – Bakesale hits a sweet-spot, connecting people looking for delicious home-baked creations, with talented local bakers
  • Ignite FM Ignite FM is an online music streaming platform using web 3 and blockchain technology to put local artists and passionate fans at the forefront
  • Penwell – Penwell is an education software that assists teachers to identify students’ writing patterns, errors, and opportunities for improvements
  • ROTA SKIP – ROTA SKIP is a material handling unit trailer with a unique design for more convenient and safe loading and unloading of materials
  • Smartlox Digital Lockout – Smartlox is improving the safety and efficiency of the lockout tagout process by harnessing software and battery powered Bluetooth padlocks
  • The Pupoon – The Pupoon is the device all dog owners need – providing a clever storage capsule that attaches seamlessly to a leash to help dog owners clean up after their dogs in public places without the hassle
  • TubClub – TubClub will make indulging in takeaway more sustainable by creating a data-driven reuse system of durable, recyclable containers circulating between a network of food retailers and consumers

To find out more about Innovation Connect book an intro meeting. The next round of the Innovation Connect Grants will close 6 April 2023.