This startup is changing the game for Defence SMEs

Canberra startup, Automated Policy Management Systems (APMS), recently participated in the CSIRO ON program and is the latest to join the growing list of Canberra alumni.  

The CSIRO ON program aims to help researchers and scientists navigate the commercialisation process and bring their ideas to market.    

One of the companies proudly joining the list of Canberra’s ON alumni is Automated Policy Management System, also known as APMS. The team comprises Zachary Sequoia, Danielle Mako, Chris Herridge, Leonora Xu and Max Margetson and they are eager to change the game for Small to Medium Enterprises (SMEs) entering the Defence Industry.   

APMS offers integrated policy and procedure development tools, including guided workflows, specialised templates, and AI assistance, which aid SMEs in compiling their security program documentation efficiently. Their tools enable SMEs to rapidly establish internal security programs aligned with Defence requirements.  

The team’s passion is ensuring SMEs engage with the industry to promote their growth and solutions.   

“We want to supercharge sovereign industrial productivity, and a key component of this is allowing SMEs to prioritise their innovation over complex security and compliance tasks,” says Zachary.  

APMS allows SMEs to focus on their core capabilities that drive growth, minimising time spent on security and compliance activities that do not add value to their overall business.  

When asked what advice they would give anyone with an innovative idea, they said: “Just go for it. It’s a risk, but as shown by the ON Program, there is a surprising amount of support for innovative solutions solving complex problems that many consider to be “impossible”. Combining your idea with industry and peer support makes solving that “impossible” challenge completely possible”.  

2024 will be a big year for the team as they officially launch APMS to the market. By the end of 2024, the aim is to have laid solid foundations for the software to target the global market.  

Proudly reflecting on their achievements, the APMS team have been humbled to be a part of the ON program. “To have the support of CSIRO, industry experts and peers has really motivated us and supports us that we can solve this complex problem”.  

We asked APMS why they think Canberra is the City for Innovation. They believe Canberra offers Australia’s tightest concentration of world-leading academic institutions, businesses and people that are needed to truly support innovation. The elements for success are all present in Canberra hence, if you’re looking to launch an innovative solution, it’s the right place to do it”.  

The team are looking for awareness around the product from the community. They invite businesses that are interested in the product to get in touch. So, if you think APMS might suit you, make sure you reach out to them!   

Thanks, APMS, for sitting down with us and chatting about how you are making an impact and changing the world. The Canberra Innovation Network wishes you all the luck with your future endeavours.   

If you are interested in CSIRO ON Prime or the ON Accelerate program, book in to speak with Irene Zhen.