ACT Government to Use Frontline Data Systems’s AI to Assess Roads in $19.5M Resurfacing Program

Chris Steel, Minister for Transport and City Services, has said in an ACT Government Media Release: “We are piloting this AI technology [Frontline Data Systems] to test if the data can improve both the efficiency and accuracy of the ACT’s road maintenance program going forward.”

As reported in Nine/Win News, ABC, and the Canberra Times, as part of a pilot program with Suez Canberra, garbage trucks will be equipped with smartphones that use Frontline Data System’s AI-driven program to assess the roads they drive on their pre-assigned residential and commercial collection routes.

“Our $19.5 million repair program will see 925,000 square metres of roads resurfaced across Canberra to make them safer, smoother to drive on and extend their lifespan,” said Minister Chris Steel.

Frontline Data Systems’ Director of Operations Jonathon Staples said in the ACT Government Press Release “Our system will detect, classify, assess and geo-locate potholes, cracks and other hazardous defects by analysing footage captured from cars equipped with optical devices driving at normal speeds across some of Canberra’s roads,”

The tender Frontline Data Systems won is worth $19,000.

Congrats to our friends at FDS!