Sources of funding, resources and impact have been increasingly discussed in the academic world. But what does this mean for you as a researcher, and how can you actively engage?

We believe that the main way your research can make an impact is when it’s in the hands of real people and making their lives better in some way.

Through our experiences working with entrepreneurs facing similar challenges, we have found a framework that can help researchers to start engaging with this challenge.

Research to Impact is a webinar designed to introduce a practical key tool that will help you take your research out of the institutions, engage with industry and find new opportunities. This is a great session to help you demystify industry engagement and increase your research impact using entrepreneurial methods.

“This is an excellent workshop for those without significant start-up or entrepreneurial experience to gain insights into this field, and to start to consider how these apply to your own research.” – Ashlin

“Go and attend; you will be surprised and amazed by what you can do with your research if you have proper guidance.” – Senada

“It teaches you that talking to clients doesn’t have to be stressful! We all have the information, just need to know how to communicate it! This is what this workshop will show you!” – Noelia

In this online session, you’ll learn practical new ways to think about innovation that will enable you to better engage the community and industry outside your university, you’ll have the confidence to start collaborative conversations with industry that can lead to opportunities and you’ll leave with the tools to connect and explain your research.

Advance your project and register for Research to Impact today.