Big News for Nourish, Big News for the Food Sector

Nourish Ingredients have raised $28.6M USD in a Series A funding round led by Horizons Ventures and supported by investors who include Main Sequence Ventures and Hostplus.

Dr. James Petrie, Chief Executive Officer and Co-founder states: “A heartfelt thank you firstly to our investors, who shared our vision and gave us their trust, and to our research partners and collaborators from across the globe for being on this journey with Nourish. And thank you also to my incredible team, who have shown what hard work, passion, and an innovative mindset can deliver”.

This funding will help Nourish to:

? Fast-track and scale production and product development, and expand their capabilities, including our world-class team

? Achieve their vision for their fats to be part of the tastiest alternative proteins on the planet

? Push the boundaries of the alt-protein taste and experience into new spaces

Nourish Ingredients have made a significant breakthrough in the way people will taste and experience alternative proteins. At Nourish, through science and the process of precision fermentation, they build real animal fats that make alternative proteins cook, smell, and taste as delicious as the real thing, but animal free.

How did they do this? Nourish zeroed in on the differences between plant and animal foods to identify the most potent fats and oils missing in the alternative protein space; the ingredients that make Wagyu steak so special, and ice cream so irresistible. The team then engineered proprietary precision fermentation strains that can manufacture these potent fat molecules at scale and give alternative proteins an authentic taste and experience, animal-free.

This is only the beginning. Nourish believe they are the only in the infancy of how big the plant-based and alternative proteins market can really become, and are excited about the potential of our fats to make a transformative impact on their products.

Keep an eye out to see Nourish’s alternative protein product lines and specialty foods — with their first product, fats that provide an authentic meat taste and experience, set to hit the market in 2023.

Article originally posted by Nourish Ingredients.