From workshop to big business, BoomBox Booth’s your DJ in a box

We had the pleasure of attending the Idea to Impact 10-week workshop with Dan Rawson, Founder & Director of BoomBox Industries, and no lie – this guy nailed it. Before the program had finished he had the emcee on the phone with CEOs to spruik the business.

Here’s a quick chat about bringing an idea you are passionate about to the investment stage in less than three months…

CBRIN: So, tell me about your company and how it came to be.

DAN: BoomBox Industries came about after I came up with an idea and business model for my current mobile DJ hire service.

I’ve been in the DJ industry for 17+ years and came up with the idea while I was setting up for a wedding in 2019. Multiple trips back and forth to my van, up and down the elevator, across the hall this way and that into the function room – just to spend 60 min setting up and looking professional. What a waste of time!

I came from the nightclub scene and was used to being the life of the party, and wanted to add that to a function room with speed and convenience. Ditch the expensive technology, setup and schlepping, and focus on the fun.

There’s a lot that goes into making a standard DJ setup look presentable. I wanted to be different and stand out. Something was missing … watching the Photobooth guys roll in and roll out so easily, I wanted my setup and pack-down to be more like that, if not easier. From that day, I couldn’t shake this idea – I needed to make it a reality and change the way I delivered entertainment. After months in my garage and many trials and errors, the first BoomBox Booth was born.

CBRIN: Sounds like the perfect progression. What helped you get from A to B? From sweaty moving work and brain numbing wire connections to dance floor fun?

DAN: I attended the ‘Idea to Impact’ 10-week customer challenge, which helped me out a lot. It unlocked my brain to think more about what my potential customers wanted, what their problems were and how I could help. It taught me to look at my product from a consumer point of view and allow me to make changes to my current business model. The connections I’ve made have been unreal! CBRIN is a hub of unlimited knowledge and access to a whole world of other creatives and successful individuals who believe in your ideas and want to help you grow. I’ll be soon join their coworking community to work on my idea and around other entrepreneurs.

CBRIN: What did you see as the need in the market?

DAN: As I said, it  was all about setup time draining away from more productive time at center stage. I found a way to make setup easy, book more events, and have a roster to share the workload with colleagues.

CBRIN: What do you bring, specifically, to the industry?

DAN: Basically? It is a business in a box! My idea offers a way for DJs and venues to attract more clients and fun experiences. This business model can work for any startup or current mobile DJ, or event space looking for a new and exciting revenue stream.

CBRIN: Sweet! So tunes and good times fuel your passion (forgive me for sounding old). But how ’bout innovation? Making a difference in a space that probably hasn’t seen a new idea since ‘The Wedding Singer‘?

DAN: Innovation is important to me because it can help others, and fix problems. And I want to make a difference in the industry I care most about and has helped me grow. So why not help other DJs and event managers from creating their own businesses and work/life balances they orchestrate, rather than relying on the schedules of deliveries and tech rehearsals and equiptment hires and, and, and …

CBRIN: I’m sold. But I obviously have no rhythm. So what should I do with my little idea?

DAN: Go for it! Don’t wait around for someone else to come up with the same. It’s your chance to show the world your idea and take on the exciting challenges and knowledge about the innovation you want to change and help others grow!

Confidence and motivation are a big barrier; I kept telling myself my idea wasn’t going to go far, and I was setting myself up for failure. You are your worst critic.

CBRIN: This is a biased question, but why Canberra? Surely the DJ biz has larger outlets?

DAN: Canberra is and will always be a great city for entrepreneurs. The support and recourses are available, and CBRIN is a fantastic space to share and grow your idea. Attend info sessions, First Wednesday Connects and other networking events. Share your ideas with friends and family. Do your research and go with your gut. It’s that easy, wherever you are, but especially here in the ACT.

CBRIN: Okay, mate, I’m ready to quit my day job and become a DJ. What’s next for us? I mean, your business (then me)?

DAN: I’m launching my website on International BoomBox Day (20 July) and manufacturing stages of my BoomBox Booths. In the next 2-3 years I’d like to be manufacturing on a global scale, and create a community for mobile DJ’s and other clients with monthly updates, programs, additional tools to help grow and develop more products, and change the future of the event soundscape.

CBRIN: Rock on, Dan!

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