Startup Blink is a website that rates over 1000 cities and countries according to their startup ecosystem strength. They recently released their rankings of the top cities worldwide:

  1. Silicon Valley / San Francisco, United States
  2. New York, United States
  3. London, United Kingdom
  4. Los Angeles Area, United States
  5. Boston, United States

Canberra this year saw huge growth in the Australian rankings, coming in at 6th place – Canberra went up 55 points. This shows how much traction the Canberra startup and entrepreneur community is gaining. The “points” on Startup Blink are based on the number of startups in the city, the quality of the startups, support organisations in the ecosystem, and the business environment in general as well as other pieces of data. Melbourne for the year went down 5 points, and Sydney only went up 6 points.

Within the Canberra Innovation Network there are hundreds of startups and SMEs that have ongoing support and backing, we meet hundreds of budding entrepreneurs a year through our intro meetings.

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We also offer a range of events, workshops, and programs to help promote and grow startup businesses across Canberra.

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