Last Tuesday 21st May at PwC Canberra, the third Capital Steaks: Stake your Claim investor lunch was held where 5 local companies pitched in front of 50 Canberra investors and mentors.

This event aims to bring together high net worth individuals, who are interested in emerging Canberra companies and the global impact they strive to achieve.

Who pitched?

Robert Waterworth, The Mullion Group

The Mullion Group is an Australian based software and consulting company, internationally recognised for its expertise in greenhouse gas inventory systems for the land sector. They are developing a software service for the measurement and projection of land-based greenhouse gas emissions and removals that enables governments and companies to efficiently monitor their greenhouse gas emissions. Through advanced spatial and temporal analytics, the software will empower customers to access carbon markets and meet their environmental reporting obligations. Concurrently, the Mullion Group provides technical support and insights to inform policy makers from governments to international organisations.

Monica Penders, Screen Canberra

Screen Canberra supports the growth of the screen creative industries through development, opportunities and funding. Responsible for the newly minted $5million CBR Screen Fund, Screen Canberra sees a bright future for the screen industry adding diversity to the economy, attracting and retaining talent and showcasing Canberra globally on screen.

Screen Canberra is a not-for-profit organisation that is governed by a board of highly diverse and influential people in the Australian film industry. Currently delivering leading edge development programs that are attracting participants from all over Australia, Singapore and Wellington.

Mitchell Harmer, SignOnSite

SignOnSite is an award-winning construction tech company that leverages the technology in their worker’s pockets, providing a greater level of safety and visibility than previously possible on site.

Currently managing over $2.2B in active projects, the SignOnSite platform helps companies improve site safety and streamline compliance processes by automatically checking workers on and off site. As the only app on the phone of all site personnel, SignOnSite collates real-time site information for project teams, surfacing insights through data-rich reporting to help management ensure the project is run on time and on budget.

Omar Zuaiter, Dentroid Technologies

Dentroid® Technologies is a sophisticated dental technology company based in Canberra, Australia which is developing a patented technology that heralds a revolution in dentistry.

The Dentroid® robotic device will empower dentists to deliver ultra-precise and needle free dental treatment with unprecedented convenience and speed. The technology also represents a platform for mobile, A.I guided and remote dentistry.

Ilea Buffier, Evalue8 Sustainability

Evalue8 Sustainability utilises technology and readily available data to match the right solution to the right customer to move businesses quickly forward on a path of lowering carbon emissions, increasing efficiency and improving corporate governance.

By linking carbon and financial accounting software, Evalue8 provides businesses with clear visibility of emissions and energy saving opportunities. The software provides tailored solutions and links directly to energy and emissions reduction service providers, allowing businesses to lower their costs and provide their customers with lower or net zero emissions goods and services.


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