Named after Walter Burley Griffin’s award-winning entry number for the design of Canberra in 1917, Entry 29 (E29) is more than just a coworking space. Created by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs, E29 is a place where collaboration and support are part of the normal day to day activity.

E29 is a place where founders and developers work as one, completely different companies form successful ventures, members provide each other advice and support while leveraging on their own resources. It is a place where the concerns of entrepreneurs like isolation, lack of motivation and bad internet connection are overcome through not only their facilities, but also through collaboration and support.

Following on from its initial success supporting entrepreneurs from different industries, E29 is now directly involved in assisting the growing renewables energy sector, highlighted by its role as the Renewals Hub Manager for the ACT Government supported 2 Degrees Renewables Energy Hub. This Hub is now considered a vibrant renewables ecosystem; a place where like-minded innovators from the clean energy sector can network and find a space to develop their ideas close to the networks they need. It also where the majority of the Canberra renewables energy events are held.

“I love Entry 29! It’s wonderful to work in a collaborative environment. I’m so grateful to be able to operate my business in a great Civic location at an affordable cost – E29 member

“I always believed in giving back and helping others but have never seen it working on a business environment as I see it at E29 – E29 Civic Community Manager

The array of companies working from E29 Civic and The Renewables Hub includes a variety of industries and types of products. From Marketing, Gaming, Media and Coaching to Legal, Health, Renewables and Big Data solutions and applications. Their alumni include esteemed companies like Instaclustr, Capital Brewing Co, Skoolbo, Auraya Systems among many others.

To support the growing number of Canberra founders, E29 have increased capabilities to accommodate more people. If you have an idea and want to grow it faster and in a happier way, get in touch!

Book a tour now at E29 Civic or the Renewables Innovation Hub!

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