At Canberra Innovation Network, we love hearing about collaborations, especially when it’s with residents in our coworking space! Two local startups and CBRIN coworking residents Mude and BBMT Consulting have recently teamed up to make an explainer video to breakdown the mountains of data on COVID-19.

We spoke to Shooby, Co-founder of Mude and Myles, Co-founder of BBMT Consulting about the recent collaboration, as well as their experience in the coworking space and their future plans.

What are you currently working on together?

The current pandemic has brought public health information to the forefront of all our lives. However, with so much data flooding out every day, it can be hard to fully digest and make sense of it all.

BBMT and Mude have teamed up to produce an animated explainer video depicting the uncertainty behind the official number of COVID-19 cases in our communities. Our goal is to help everyday Australians make better informed decisions on public health advice.

Tell us about how you met each other and how the collaboration between BBMT and Mude came about.

We actually first met through LinkedIn and realised we had a few mutual friends too. Once BBMT joined the co-working space in 2019 we started keeping regular contact. From there, we participated in GovHack together in 2019 and won the Canberra prize. We’ve stayed in touch through the CBRIN workspace and events too so we have a good idea of our teams skills and areas where we could work together.

What made you think of this collaboration as a potential solution for your problem?

BBMT had created 30 days of data literacy bytes in a PDF format to share on LinkedIn. Realising they were not in the most consumable format for readers, BBMT reached out to Mude to create more engaging material which could appeal to a wider audience. Since we had worked together and won GovHack in the past, it seemed like another great opportunity to collaborate.

Why do you think collaboration is important for innovation?

It allowed us to bring together two vastly different skill sets in data analytics and video creation to create something new and interesting.  By utilising our different skill sets we were able to get our content to inform and appeal to a wider audience.

We love having BBMT and Mude as residents of our coworking space. What does ‘community’ mean to you, and how has being part of Canberra Innovation Network’s community been beneficial to you?

Being part of the community has made it easy to stay in touch and work on collaborations together from a central space. Being surrounded by like-minded people in the community makes it a lot easier to collaborate with new people and bounce ideas off one another.

The CBRIN community is all about having like-minded people and businesses around you who you can share experiences with, learn from, collaborate with and draw on each other’s expertise to design solutions.

What’s next for BBMT and Mude? Any future collaborations planned?

Nothing planned yet but working on this project together has made us realise there could be more opportunities to visualise data together in future (hopefully for clients).

Currently working on marketing this video to the public, businesses and government in Australia. Hopefully through this campaign we have more opportunities to work together.

Who should connect with you?

Mude: Anyone looking for business growth, direction and clarity or to have their challenges solved. Mude is a creative agency operating in Canberra and Sydney since 2015, working with SMEs, corporate and government. Mude does this by helping organisations build meaningful connections with their audiences through brand, digital and video services.

BBMT Consulting: Anyone from a Government, Private, or not for profit agency who want to use data to make evidence based decisions. BBMT Consulting is a boutique data consultancy founded in Canberra in 2018. Currently working with several Federal Government Departments, BBMT uses data to understand public needs, solve complex problems, inform policy and build digital capability. With experience at all stages along the data journey, we pride ourselves in providing value-for-money services to; increase return on data assets, build digital capabilities and accelerate data driven cultures.

You can learn more about their collaboration here.

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