CBRIN Coworking residents Rosella Street collaborate to tackle university waste

Canberra-based sustainability focused online marketplace Rosella Street has teamed up with the University of Sydney and Good for the Hood in its latest waste reduction initiative. Rosella Street’s  “Circular Economy Hub” encourages people to rethink the way they shop and dispose of their items to reduce unnecessary waste and create a circular economy.

Students and staff can share, swap, borrow, and sell all kinds of items through the Rosella Street platform.

Rosella Street have been part of the CBRIN Coworking community since 2021 and are champions of sustainability and the circular economy. Their mission is to change the way people think about how they can extend the lifetime of items and materials to foster a deeper connection to the land and each other. Their focus is on renting out items and encouraging the community to buy, swap and sell within local communities rather than contribute to landfill.

The RiotAct spoke to Jo Taranto from Good for the Hood about the collaboration and its benefits to the community. You can read the full article and more about this initiative here.