Evalue8 Sustainability awarded Best Zero-Carbon Consultancy Company in 2021

Resident coworkers and GRIFFIN Alumni Evalue8 Sustainability have been awarded Best Zero-Carbon Consultancy Company in 2021. Corporate Vision Small Business Awards.

Ilea Buffier, Managing Director, said “Evalue8 Sustainability was thrilled to win both the Best Carbon Accounting Solution 2022 (Australian Enterprise Award) and the Best Zero-Carbon Consultancy Company 2021 – Australia (Corporate Vision Award) back-to-back.

One of the challenges of setting up a business in a relatively new field (carbon accounting and greenhouse gas emissions reduction) is that would-be clients don’t know the field exists, let alone know to look for a specific business to meet their needs. This makes marketing harder because potential customers know they want to fight climate change and appeal to green consumers, but they don’t know what to look for.

Winning these awards is important to Evalue8 Sustainability not only because it provides affirmation that our clients value our services, but it helps publicise that there is an industry of which we are part that helps businesses reduce their greenhouse gas emissions.

Evalue8 Sustainability’s goal is to maximise its impact in reducing greenhouse gas emissions, so both effects are important to us. These awards are great recognition and will help build our profile and aid our plans to expand globally this year.”

Corporate Vision spoke with Ilea Buffier about the company’s success, take a look to see how they’re making an impact.