As we emerge, blinking, from the cocoon of enforced lockdown, it’s clear that the work world has changed.  This year has shown many people that their work can be done remotely, and yet working from home has shown its drawbacks.

No person is an island – even in today’s connected society, human interaction is crucial.  While that 10-second commute down the hallway was lovely, it’s time to reclaim the dining table for its designated purpose.  But what are your options?

Coworking spaces are the office of choice for startups and entrepreneurs, and seeing as the Canberra Innovation Network (known affectionately as CBRIN) is home to Canberra’s startup community, it makes sense for you to pay us a visit.  Here are 6 of the main reasons why Coworking at CBRIN is a great choice for you:

1. We’re flexible and cost effective

Enjoy the benefits of an office space without the stress! Pay one fee rather than multiple costs for overheads, and relax in the knowledge that the environment is well-maintained, COVID-safe, and incredibly trendy.  CBRIN offers casual, part time, and full time desks, with the ability to scale up or down.  Perfect if you want a cost-effective permanent location, or just want to do the odd day here and there.

2. Location, location, location, and the rest!

CBRIN boasts a fantastic city location, close to lots of great cafes and restaurants, with beautiful views for when you want to stare out the window wistfully…

There are all the things you want, like well-appointed meeting rooms and sound-proof pods, sit-to-stand desks, break-out spaces, fast WiFi, 24/7 secure access, lockers, and mail service.  There are all the things you need, like printer/photocopier, coffee machine, spaces to decompress, including comfy lounges and a ping-pong table (all the essentials!).

3. Be more productive through meaningful work

Get in the zone and be inspired by the buzz of interesting people doing interesting things!  Reap the benefits that come with separating your work and home life, where everyone is focused, and not asking where their socks are.

4. Grow your network

Surround yourself with entrepreneurs and meet others who are on the same journey.  Share your experiences and learn about what others are doing.   Immerse yourself in the innovation network, learn and grow, and tap into a network of mentors and investors.

5. Tap into business support at CBRIN

Embrace the benefits of working in a space full of business developers and mentors!  Stay in the loop for upcoming opportunities and be the first to know about workshops, events, and funding opportunities.  Gain valuable insight from the friendly experienced, knowledgeable CBRIN team.

6. Be part of a like-minded community

Share your wins, losses and challenge with others who just ‘get it’.  Those who know what it means to launch a beta version.  Enjoy a sense of community, where you can be a part of fun social events, chat over the water cooler coffee machine conversations, or even issue ping-pong challenges!

Sounds like something you should get involved in? Get in touch! We would love to give you a tour and chat about how you can be part of this thriving community.