Interested in the world of Information and Communication Technology? You need to know about these female leaders

Canberra is full of cutting-edge technology and game-changing ideas.

But did you know that within the sector of Information and Communication Technology (ICT), there are female leaders creating an amazing impact in the industry?

report from Austrade estimates that the ICT market in Australia is worth almost $100 billion and is a proven testing-ground for global projects. And with an enormous amount of talent found in Canberra and the surrounding region ,this month we’re highlighting just a few of the local women that making significant impact in this industry.

Alexia John (Blue Bird Advisory)

Interested in technology and data transformations? Meet Alexia, a highly experienced Government and Public Sector Digital transformation professional with over 15 years of experience in successfully leading large-scale business transformation initiatives. With a team of authentic, trusted, innovative, and highly skilled consultants that are experienced in high-security environments, Blue Bird Advisory’s mission is to empower Government Agencies through Business and Academia to achieve their goals. They provide trusted advice, data-driven insights and tailored solutions.

Lauren Glina (Agape)

Lauren is an engineer and educator, with an amazing career spanning space, robotics, and high-tech start-ups. As a mother, she also understands just how important it is to prepare children for the new tech-centric world they’re entering. That’s why she founded Agape EdTech—to help kids become creators, not just users. Agape runs program that allows them to build their own positive and private online spaces, while allowing children to gain  a deeper understanding of how tech works, and have a lot of fun as they recreate loved games using graphics from 1981. Alongside this program, they also have an exclusive parent’s community. Agape isn’t ready  to launch, but Lauren is committed to updating everyone in her community with the Program’s development, STEM education, and Tech.

Sophie Wade (Modern Methodologies & Apporetum)

Identity, cyber, access management and cloud identity strategy—these are just some of the things Sophie has experience in as the the Founder and CEO of Modern Methodologies and its sister company Apporetum. Modern Methodologies are a team of highly experienced consultants and engineers that specialise in providing and implementing solutions across a broad set of IAM services. Apporetum, is the modern centralised platform that empowers businesses and helps manage and govern identities, accounts, and access through a single, easy-to-use interface. Long story short, Sophie is responsible for leveraging digital identity to support digital transformation programs in both private and government sectors.

Tanya Dixit (Viterbi)

Tanya has many skills—from  digital imaging processing totraditional computer vision techniques and both handling structured andunstructured datasets. Armed with these skills, Tanya is currently in the process of building and deploying Meta Languageode as a microservice within the company Viterbi. Viterbi is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) upskilling and recruiting firm with the mission of connecting graduates and early career professionals to SME’s which allows startups and small-medium businesses a chance to find the right talent. Viterbi wants to help students access case studies and small projects and help them build relevant skills while attending university. Tanya is working hard to make UX technology more accessible, and equitable to build inclusivity.

Want to know more about local female leaders doing cool things in the community? Head along to Female Founders on Tuesday 12 September 2023. The event will feature Bryden Campbell from Brand Rebellion and Tina Chawner from Yellow Hat Consulting as they share their journey as entrepreneurs.

It’s the perfect opportunity to find out how they decided it was the right time for them to take the leap and run their own businesses full-time.

Article written in partnership with HerCanberra.