Each year 23 companies are chosen from across Australia to pitch to an audience in Sydney for a range of prizes and awards at the Tech23 event. This year four out of the 23 companies are from Canberra.

Tech23 is a national forum that showcases Australian innovation – it’s a chance for local startups to tell their story to the deep tech ecosystem. Tech23’s mission is to bring the resources of government, industry leaders, tech companies, investors and entrepreneurs together to connect.

To get accepted startups submit applications about their story and innovation. Out of these applicants, only 23 are selected to pitch to a crowd of over 350 people consisting of investors, industry leaders, entrepreneurs and innovators. Getting in is a huge deal, and this year four of the companies that made it through are from Canberra!

The Canberra companies are:

Wildlife Drones

Wildlife Drones has developed the world’s most advanced drone radio-tracking technology and is disrupting the animal tracking industry globally. With up to 70% of the world’s animals too small to be tracked using satellite/GPS tags, we are empowering land managers and researchers to gain unprecedented insights into small animal movements, while also saving vast amounts of time, effort and money.


Skykraft is a SmallSat engineering business that has the expertise and mission experience to conceptualise, design, build and operate custom satellite constellations for high value global applications.

Quantum Brilliance (Previously Diamond Quantum)

Quantum Brilliance is a quantum computing company developing diamond-based hardware. Quantum computing promises a paradigm-shift in computational power and is expected to be a defining technology of the 21st century.

PPB Technology

PPB Tech is the CYBERTONGUE® company. They offer lab quality analytical results, on site, in minutes. This will allow customers in the food, ag, environment, health and other sectors to make fast, informed decisions about their products.

“We’re incredibly excited that Quantum Brilliance has been identified by Tech23 as one of Australia’s most promising tech startups. It speaks to the Canberra Innovation Networks success that so many Canberra teams have been selected this year!” spoke co-founder and CEO of Quantum Brilliance, Andrew Horsley.

Being at Tech23 means that Canberra companies are celebrated on a national stage in front of key stakeholders in the Australian tech industry.

The Tech23 night will be held on the 23rd of October in Sydney and involves each entrant giving a five-minute pitch. After pitching they receive feedback from a panel of industry leaders and the chance at prizes including cash, podcast episode opportunities and days with mentors. Tech23 wants to shine a light on meaningful ideas from people who are passionate about the world-changing tech they are working on, and this is the forum to do it – as they say, “where ideas from investors, entrepreneurs and innovators from government, university and industry cross-pollinate.”

Registrations for the event are open on their website for those looking to go or find out more. Good luck to all the Canberra companies!

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