We say it all the time, entrepreneurs are everywhere.
In the garage, in the office, in the classroom and even on the farm. Innovation and entrepreneurship is not limited by geography – however resources and support may seem scarce outside of the cities.

So, how does innovation work in the region? The same way we do it here in Canberra, through collaboration.

A group of passionate innovators from Queanbeyan-Palerang, Goulburn, Hilltops, Snowy-Monaro and Bega Valley have come together with the aim to connect innovators and entrepreneurs to resources in their closest cities and across the region.

This group, known informally as the Regional Innovation Network has organically grown to underpin closer collaboration, share expertise and speed up progress.

“By strengthening the regional economy as an integrated unit everyone benefits, but regions have to lead and drive their own development” said Michael Phillips, Lead of Regional Innovation at the Canberra Innovation Network.

As part of this collaboration, The NSW Government have created a newsletter to share key opportunities and resources through the South East News.

“The South East Regional NSW team is here to help you navigate a range of government services and programs to ensure you are meeting the aspirations of your business.”

Send them an email to get on the mailing list.

A series of regional Business Connect events have also emerged, inspired and modelled on First Wednesday Connect. Get involved this November at Jindabyne Connect and December at Queanbeyan Connect.

Are you interested in innovation in the region?

The Snowy Mountains Innovation Network, Bega Valley Innovation Hub and the Business Enterprise Centre are fantastic places for regional innovators to get involved (and for those in Hume: keep an eye on the Wodonga Innovation Project).

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