Where can I get funding for my awesome idea?

Some think coming up with an innovative business model or invention is the hardest part of breaking out, but the rubber truly hits the road when it comes to financing your brilliance.

The Innovation Connect (ICON) grant offers eligible early-stage innovative entrepreneurs and startups an opportunity to apply for a competitive, matched-funded grant of between $10,000 – $30,000. The grant helps new starters get their projects to the next level, funding product development, building prototypes, and developing a go-to-market plan.

Every entrepreneur and startup interested in applying will need to book an intro meeting with a Growth Advisor from the Canberra Innovation Network to discuss the fit of their venture and idea with the grant’s purpose. Eligible entrepreneurs will be invited to submit an Expression of Interest, which includes a 60-second video pitch.

Your Expression of Interest

The EOI is your opportunity to show the panel your high-level value proposition. This includes:

  • Who is your customer? (Is it a business or consumer? What is their behaviour? Where can we find this customer and what do we know about them?)
  • What is the problem your customer is experiencing?
  • How does your solution solve your customer’s problem? (Talk innovation!)
  • How is your product/service different from competing solutions and the status quo?
  • What are the key milestones for your business over the next 12 months?
  • What would you spend the grant funds on?

Shortlisted submissions will be invited to submit a full application, including a three-minute pitch, followed by a Q&A with an independent panel.

Funding for the ICON grant is currently open, with applications closing on Monday 29th March 2021. Book an intro meeting with a member of our Growth team today and see how this funding can totally transform your idea.