$180,000 for Canberra startups to grow and innovate

Teaching language through music, artificial intelligence discovering flaws in security systems, tools to improve energy efficiency ratings of homes, and improving decision making during natural disasters are just some of the challenges that Canberra startups are tackling and have these innovative solutions have been awarded funding through the latest Innovation Connect (ICON) grant funding round.

In partnership with the ACT Government, the Canberra Innovation Network is pleased to announce 7 new innovative businesses that have received combined funding of $180,000 and are now well on their way to seeing their vision become a reality.

ICON provides early-stage businesses an opportunity to receive matched funding between $10,000-$30,000 and is designed to support the market testing, prototyping, patenting and commercial feasibility of the recipient’s concept.

The Canberra Innovation Network aims to empower entrepreneurs and businesses to build on Canberra’s excellence in research and innovation to create social and economic benefits for all citizens. More than 10,000 visitors engage with the network every year through events, programs, and innovation-focused educational courses the network supports and runs.

The Canberra Innovation Network’s COO Sharyn Smith said “Canberra’s startups continually show their diversity, breadth and creative thinking with their inspired solutions. The everyday problems that we face as a society are confronted head on by the innovative changemakers that we are so fortunate to have in our city. These ideas are changing the way we do things for the better.”

The ICON grant recipients for 2022:

  • AppSec Fast-track – An AI solution which detects and fixes code defects, improving cyber security outcomes for organisations in a fraction of the time.
  • Disaster Science –Taking Australian Bushfire IO to the US – An app to inform and improve decision making when faced with a natural disaster.
  • Lingosing!– A subscription platform which uses AI-enhanced, grammatically correct nursery rhymes to teach language.
  • Powerhaus Zero-Carbon Tool– A software solution which turns the mandatory energy-efficiency star rating into practical, decision-oriented graphics, helping people build future-proof homes.
  • Vibe Dynamics – An innovation to facilitate, rehabilitate and promote better sexual function for those with complex medical conditions.
  • RediRobots – A robotic solution to assist textile recyclers in sorting and handling waste streams.
  • The Easy Read Toolbox– A resource to increase use of easy to understand, accessible communication for people with disabilities / low literacy.

To find out more about Innovation Connect book an intro meeting. The next round of the Innovation Connect Grants will close in September 2022.