Innovation Showcase 2022 Pitcher Profiles: HYREA

At the Canberra Innovation Network, we couldn’t be any more proud of this community of entrepreneurs. For their achievements. For their ingenuity. For the way they’ve turned challenges into opportunities and absolutely thrived. The Innovation Showcase is our way to celebrate the hardworking innovation and startup community in Canberra, highlighting those achievements and inspiring even bigger goals for the new year.

It’s a fun and interactive afternoon, encouraging the community to come together, share stories and get energised for the next year ahead.

At this year’s Innovation Showcase Canberra startups will go head-to-head in a live shark-tank style pitching competition judged live by YOU. You’ll have the opportunity to meet new people, learn about the exciting things that came out of 2022 and get a glimpse into what’s in store!

We interviewed the innovators that will be head lining the showcase this year and discussed the meaning of innovation, the future and the event!

Introducing the team from HYREA,



What are you pitching at the Innovation Showcase? 

Our company – Hydrogen Renewable Energy Australia (or HYREA). We are a Canberra based green-energy start up. We are developing technology to store and transport hydrogen in solid form (something that has not been done before).

 If the sky is the limit, what is your ultimate goal?
Clever, Connected & Creative. Which of these words do you most identify with and why?
Thats a tough one. The two other co-founders of HYREA are very smart academics, so they probably cover the ‘clever’ part of the venture. For me, i think being connected is most important. Understanding what is happening in the wider commercial space- what are our competitors doing? What other technology is out there? Where are the opportunities for us?
Being connected to people, organisations and causes helps fill these blanks.
What does innovation mean to you?
Continuously striving to do better. It is thinking about the problems we face and our solutions to these problems, and asking whether we can do better.

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