A small Canberra company is making waves in the environmental sector, developing a world leading tool to measure the carbon emissions from forest loss and removals from tree planting at a global scale.

The land sector is fundamental to sustainable development and mitigating climate change, but this can only occur based on informed decisions.

The Mullion Group’s revolutionary software ‘FLINTpro’ allows companies and governments to easily calculate and track greenhouse gas emissions from changes in land use.

The highly flexible tool allows users to estimate land sector greenhouse gas emissions or removals from any combination of global, regional or local data.

Environmental leaders across the globe are now using FLINTpro to assess greenhouse gas emissions from tree cover change, with its data expanding the coverage in this year’s Environmental Performance Index (EPI), which ranks 180 counties based on their state of sustainability.

EPI Project Director Zach Wendling said the Mullion Group has made a significant contribution to the global fight against climate change. “The expanded issue coverage promises to deepen the global capacity for data-driven environmental policymaking, clarifying sustainability leaders and laggards, and helping to identify best policy practices.”

CEO of the Mullion Group, Dr Robert Waterworth, said FLINTpro gives businesses and governments quick access to the information they need to make the right decisions.

“While much of the underpinning data has been available for many years, there was no tool to coherently integrate this information, run it at scale and present the results in a meaningful way,” Dr Waterworth said.

“We developed FLINTpro to fill this gap.”

“By providing the right information, at the right time, in the right format to decision makers we can start to take meaningful action to address global sustainability challenges, like Climate Change.”

More information on the Mullion Group and FLINTpro is available at: FLINTpro.com