The healthcare industry has been incredibly stretched this year throughout the COVID-19 crisis, highlighting a lack of digital care prior to the outbreak. Medvatic, a Canberra innovation, is actively challenging this deficiency in the current health care system, working towards a solution for patient led care.

“I think Covid-19 has truly accelerated the acceptance of digital health and recognition of the gap within the complexities as to how healthcare is delivered.” Said Medvatic Founder and CEO, George MacLean Azumah.

Previously named MedConnet, Medvatic enables practitioners to provide post consultative care in a seamless and minimally invasive manner through a cloud-based application.

“The heart of Medvatic is the treatment plan, where practitioners can document a recovery pathway tailored for each patient and keep track of those patients’ journey to recovery,” said George.

Through volunteering work in hospitals across Africa, Asia and Australia, George has developed a great understanding of the complexities of the healthcare system. Inspired by his parents who were both small business owners, growing up George preferred working in the market than the classroom.

Starting as a counter-drug sales assistant in a small community in Ghana, by the time George had reached high school he was involved in managing the store. George noticed that the people from his grandmother’s village would travel long distances to reach the pharmacy and when he asked why someone did not open a pharmacy in their village, George was told the people were too poor and couldn’t pay. This was the beginning of George’s interest in making healthcare, and especially treatment plans, more accessible to everyone.”
– ‘Prototype will make it easier to follow complex treatment plans’, by Lighthouse Innovation on RiotACT

As George’s business began to service this community, he was approached by a local businessman impressed with his work. With his help, George was able to register as a chemical shop, open an additional pharmacy in another city and employ two professional pharmacists.

George was able to take capital from this pharmacy to support what Medvatic is today.

The business has recently gone through a rebranding, changing the name from MedConnet to Medvatic to represent what the company is aiming to achieve. ‘Med’ for the medical realm and ‘vatic’ to predict the positive effects that a business like this can have; from accurately diagnosing disease, providing recommendations and flagging the possibility of future illness.

George believes that although Canberra is a small market, there are many benefits when you think outside the box.

“There are more opportunities to connect to the world within Canberra than any other location in Australia or any part of the world, this is why we have set up Medvatic here. I personally, believe that Canberra will be a hub of global business and in just a matter of time these things will emerge out very soon,” said George.

“I personally love Canberra and I think there are a lot of great minds here within the ecosystem at the Canberra Innovation Network.”

George believes that passion is crucial to for any researcher looking to form a business out of their research.

“It’s easy to do things you love and are passionate about. As most researchers are best at their field, they can do better by translating that into a reality.”

Curious about Medvatic? They are currently offering a free trial of their Digital Healthcare service. They are looking to not only improve communication between patients and practitioners, but also offer a service that personalises remote care.


Medvatic Pty Ltd is a subsidiary of Medvatic Holding Pty Ltd.