Meet the Coworkers: Shooby from Mude

7 years ago, Shooby Kandel, co-founder of Mude, became a coworker at  the Canberra Innovation Network, CBRIN. That officially makes him one of the oldest coworkers in the space. He and his team started way back when the coworking space was Entry 29, the space wasn’t as fancy as it is now and there were many different people and businesses working out of Level 5.  Shooby remembers the coworking office clown, Ben Grady who had a bowl full of stress balls for everyone, brewed a great ginger beer and was a great member of the community.

Shooby and the team at Mude are a brand, creative and marketing agency invested in developing meaningful brands through impactful creativity. From branding, to digital and video, Mude has your business covered from every angle.

Shooby met his two future co-founders at a Canberra Innovation Network event during his 2nd year of university at the University of Canberra. Together they envisioned a path to entrepreneurship and Mude was born. It was a “I’ll take any opportunity that comes my way, I just want to do business” attitude that found him talking to, a video expert, and a music lover searching for a 3rd  co-founder. When the team at Mude decided that they needed a workspace, it was a no-brainer for them to set up at the CBRIN coworking space. After all this this is where it all started.

Mude has grown. No longer at the startup stage, MUDE is thriving and has employees across Canberra, Melbourne and Brisbane! They even expanded their reach and have a rooftop music event in Sydney, called “Mood on the Roof”, where local artists have an opportunity to perform.

During Shooby’s time at CBRIN, he has attended an abundance of events, completed the SME Accelerator delivered by CBRIN in 2022, been a valued mentor and has been involved in a number of programs and workshops. Shooby also mentioned that after he and his colleague Eamon ran a ‘Lunch and Learn’ on branding at CBRIN, many of the coworkers who attended reached out for branding advice and help.

He finds that CBRIN coworking offers the best value for money for what Mude needs. Whether through events or by networking with other coworkers in the space, they have noticed that some of the strong connections made through CBRIN have gone onto become valued clients.

Shooby believes that one of the best selling points of being a CBRIN coworker, is the view. His desk looks straight out on the hills of Canberra and has views of the gorgeous trees from City Hill. The beautiful view definitely helps with productivity and overall attitude towards daily work.

If your business needs any help with brand development, digital or video, make sure to get in contact with Shooby and his brilliant team. They will have every angle covered from design to socials, and don’t forget they bring revolutionary, personalisation technology to online video!

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