On the 1st of July the GRIFFIN Accelerator launched its new cohort. This year, four companies were chosen out of over 50 applications, and will now be put through a three-month intensive program at the Canberra Innovation Network.

The GRIFFIN Accelerator is a startup accelerator that once a year invites entrepreneurs to apply and pitch to a group of mentors for a spot in the accelerator program. Successful companies are given investment, a desk at the Canberra Innovation Network, weekly seminars and workshops, and ongoing support. These mentors are some of Canberra’s most successful entrepreneurs who are there to guide and be involved during the three-month program, to help grow these companies.

At the end of the program of workshops and seminars, the Canberra Innovation Network holds a pitch night in which the cohort pitch their businesses in front of the Capital Angels investor group for possible further investment, and then off to Sydney to pitch to the Sydney angel investing community.

Since 2014, GRIFFIN has assisted 25 companies who are collectively valued at over $36M. The ongoing support for people involved in GRIFFIN continues after all of this is over, in which they remain part of the community!

Meet the teams

Prepear Drink Company

How many times have you woken up with a sore head after a night of drinking with friends? Do you avoid social drinking because of hangxiety? Prepear uses the all-natural alcohol metabolising properties boosted by the Korean Pear and the Oriental Raisin Tree to make a drink that combats a nasty hangover. Next time drink a Prepear before drinking.


Evalue8 Sustainability

By linking carbon and financial accounting software, Evalue8 provides businesses with clear visibility of emissions and energy saving opportunities. The software provides tailored solutions and links directly to energy and emissions reduction service providers, allowing businesses to lower their costs and provide their customers with lower or net zero emissions goods and services.


The Hub Membership

The Hub Membership is a habit building program that teaches people how to eat well for the rest of their life by helping them establish long term habits with their food. To do this we tackle one habit at a time. The accumulated benefit of these small changes is long term success with their diet without the stress of trying to be perfect or change everything all at once. By the end of 6 months, you’ve made significant changes. At the end of 12 months, your outlook on food has been completely refreshed!


Recovery VR

RecoveryVR is an instant, engaging system for stroke rehabilitation that focuses on reducing wait times for professional therapy in regional areas.  Using the latest virtual reality technology patients are motivated to get their mind and upper-body moving through one-on-one therapy videos, outdoor exercise, mini-games and imagery for those with no movement at all. RecoveryVR helps patients perform meaningful, evidence-based clinical practice in the hospital or the comfort of their own home.


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