PV Labs – Leading Australia in Solar Renewable Energy

As the ACT moves to net-zero emissions by 2045, Canberra’s innovative start-up culture is well placed to help meet this target. We spoke with Lawrence McIntosh, co-founder and director of PV Labs, on how the Energy Innovation Fund is supporting Canberra companies in the transition to renewable energy.

PV Labs Australia, is a Canberra-based business with a focus on quality assurance and risk evaluation for PV (Photovoltaics) modules and components. They assist with the purchase, warranty, claims, insurance and finance on everything from large utility-scale solar projects to domestic roofs and everything else in-between.

PV Labs knows how important it is that solar panels meet industry performance standards. They can evaluate samples ranging in size from just one module through to the complexity of statistical sampling for large numbers needed for a solar farm. They assess performance on day one, this includes any damage that may have occurred during transportation to or within Australia as well as the technical performance and reliability throughout the service life of a module.

To advance and facilitate the output of solar in Australia and upgrade to a better facility, PV Labs Australia has received support from ACT Government’s Energy Innovation Fund (The Fund).

PV Labs team Lawrence and Michelle with Minister Rattenbury

“The ACT Government Energy Investment Fund has helped us position PV Lab as the leader in Australia for solar panel testing services.”

PV Labs services is reaching customers across Australia, helping them purchase solar with confidence in quality. Providing this assurance to consumers will assist in bridging the gap as Australia moves closer to achieving net-zero emissions.

“This has allowed us to export our services across the country and give Australian purchasers of solar power the confidence in the quality of solar panels they are buying.”

The grant has also helped PV Labs develop a Potential Induced Degradation (PID) testing chamber and improve their method when handling and transporting panels leading to swifter more reliable results for their consumers.

Lawrence believes that Canberra is a city that constantly exceeds expectations in renewable activities and energy initiatives, providing businesses the opportunity to be part of the move towards renewable energy. With the opportunities that are being provided in Canberra, leading companies and businesses in the industry are seeing the benefits of doing business here.

“Canberra is well known for punching above its weight when it comes to energy policy and energy initiatives. It is also attracting national players to want to set up shop in the ACT.”


As PV Labs leads the change in solar renewable energy initiatives, the Energy Innovation Fund provides opportunities for local companies to access renewable energy initiatives.

Lawrence states “Canberra is driven by knowledge and actively tackles real-world challenges. This city understands what fostering relationships and engaging with industries can do to come up with innovative solutions.”

“This city is largely a knowledge economy, but when we apply that knowledge to real-world problems, we can achieve fabulous outcomes for industries we work in and the problems we are solving.”

“Through innovating, Canberra can continue to be a leader in the renewable energy transition.”

When asked about the experience in applying to the Fund, Lawrence says “the ACT Government are approachable and open to hearing concepts and proposals. Take the opportunity and discuss it with them.

Don’t hesitate to engage with the ACT Government, if you have an idea, don’t be shy in discussing your idea with the team.”

PV Labs encourages other companies to be part of the renewable energy movement. Canberra is the best place to do business, you have access to a variety of research institutions and available resources of local talent.

“You and your business can be a part of making Canberra a renewable energy superpower.”

“Canberra is quite simply a wonderful place to do business. The world-class research institutions are an amazing source of local talent, and our staff love living in the national bush capital.”

The Energy Innovation Fund is offering up to $17 million in grants over 5 years to support innovation in energy transition across business, policy and ecosystem development.

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