For companies to survive and thrive in turbulent times, they need to be agile. This ability to make fast decisions and adapt in rapidly changing conditions, makes it possible for startups to have a real impact.
Whether it’s a new feature, a pivot or a surge in sales, these Canberra startups are making a difference right now.

Health Horizon

It has never been more important than now to be informed on medical breakthroughs. Health Horizon have a dedicated channel tracking all research, vaccines and medical innovations for COVID 19.


Parents who need assistance in continuing their children’s education can subscribe to Skoolbo’s online learning platform. Aimed for students aged 4-10 years old it enhances reading, writing and numeracy skills.


This easy to use workplace safety construction app has implemented physical distancing, it enables workers to be safe by using appropriate distances per the government’s recommendations.

Rocket Remit

Going cashless is something we are becoming accustomed too, and through this pandemic we are seeing a rise in online transactions. mHITS specialises in international money transfer via mobile money making it the world’s fastest and simplest way for sending money from Australia to emerging international markets.


Castlepoint is a regulatory technology solution that reads, registers, classifies and manages information from all systems in a network, using Artificial Intelligence.


Their product FLEX is a sport analytics tool used to measure athlete performance during weight-based exercise for individuals. With the closure of gyms, it is becoming a popular tool for the everyday fitness enthusiast.

Dentroid Technologies

Revolutionising dentistry, Dentroid has developed a mini device for dentists that automates the diagnostic and drilling in complex procedures.

The Healthy Eating Hub

The Healthy Eating Hub represents Australia’s only online habit building program that combines ‘flip-learning’ education principles, access to a dietitian and behaviours change principles with individualised nutrition advice.


MissingSchool is about keeping seriously sick kids connected to their regular schools and getting their special learning and social needs met through everyday practices and telepresence robots.


Canberra company PentaQuest has teamed up with the University of Queensland (UQ) and Asymmetric Innovation to tackle the challenge of COVID-19 in residential aged care across Australia.

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