With the GRIFFIN Accelerator of 2019 nearly a third of the way through, it is time to meet another member of the cohort.

Christian Doran is a known Canberra filmmaker and producer who is now using his passion for media to help a patient’s recovery from strokes easier using technology.

What is your company name?

How would you explain your company to a toddler?
RecoveryVR is a virtual reality tool to help people rehabilitate after having a stroke by getting them moving in a fun and engaging way. Patients can put on our VR headset and play games, get one-on-one therapy or exercise outside, all from the safety and comfort of their hospital bed or home.

How would you explain your company to an investor?
RecoveryVR is an instant, engaging system for stroke rehabilitation that focuses on reducing wait times for professional therapy in regional areas. Using the latest virtual reality technology patients are motivated to get their mind and upper-body moving through one-on-one therapy videos, outdoor exercise, mini-games and imagery for those with no movement at all. RecoveryVR helps patients perform meaningful, evidence-based clinical practice in the hospital or the comfort of their own home.

What made you start your business? Was there a turning point that helped you take the leap?
The truth is I wanted an office in the building where I work. I was dreaming about it so I drew a plan of how I would arrange the furniture. For some reason I put an exercise machine in the corner and thought I’d get a VR headset so I could exercise anywhere in the world but when I went to find the app there was none. That lead me down a rabbit hole of development, which lead to research into rehabilitation, which lead me to an amazing team of researchers at the University of Canberra Rehabilitation Hospital and an ICON Grant. I’m a little bit closer to that office…

What part of being in GRIFFIN are you most excited about?
I’m excited about Griffin because of the mentoring opportunities. I want to surround myself with people who have done all of this before and have succeeded. Being placed together in group with other startups is a great opportunity too, so we can share knowledge and support through the process.

What part of GRIFFIN are you most scared of?
I’m afraid of disappointing people! Not just the team at Griffin but also my new customers and their clients. I want to build the best product possible and that’s going to take a lot of work to get right. I’ve got to remind myself that nothing is ever perfect and feedback on a project unfinished just helps to make the final product even better, so show it to everyone all the time!

What do you expect to achieve and learn in this program over the next 12 weeks?
I expect to learn how to engage in the act of selling. The kind of selling that is through relationships and connections. I don’t have a lot of sales experience, but I believe in my product and I’m ready to get it out there into the marketplace.

Which movie or television character best describes your business personality?
Citizen Kane… when he was young, not the old and lonely version.

How can we find you on social media?
Hit me up on Linkedin!

Do you have a story we should feature?