The GRIFFIN Accelerator 2022 teams have graduated!

The GRIFFIN Accelerator 2022 teams have graduated!

GRIFFIN Accelerator is a three-month intensive program that empowers entrepreneurs to get their startups moving fast and achieving sustainable business success. The heart of this program is the mentors, who bring substantial experience in startups, investing, raising capital, sales, business development, and significant industry and investor networks.

The seven teams that took part in the program have come out on the other side feeling confident and ready to change the world!

The program culminated in the teams pitching to the mentors. The room was buzzing with excitement and endless possibilities as the teams described their creative solutions to diverse and important problems in fields such as surgical devices, sexual health, data, law, and mental health.

We spoke to the teams about their experience.

My Green Butler

The team from My Green Butler, a service that simplifies lowering your carbon footprint on holiday, found the program to be incredibly useful, saying the attention and positivity from the mentors and the Canberra Innovation Network have helped them progress with sales and continue their journey toward helping the hospitality sector become more sustainable.

My Green Butler has now graduated from GRIFFIN and have become CBRIN Coworkers!

“This is an invaluable program. It is practical, focused, and quickly reveals to you the gaps you need   to fill and how best to do this.” – Christopher Warren, my Green Butler


The team from Allyone said the program helped them focus on what they needed to convert their ideas into a tangible business. GRIFFIN mentor, Richard Cawsey said “Allyone’s traction with customers is nothing short of amazing… I am very encouraged by their progress, honesty, and focus.”

Will Mackay, AllyOne team member,  said, “We are again thankful for all the start-up education and support and the networking the Griffin Accelerator program afforded us. We are happy to advise we are on track for a 23 January 2023 date to have our AllyOne MVP fit for user group testing. This will be a great way for us to kick off the new year and embark upon a new Canberra success story.”


Viortec is an orthopedic technology company unified with the goal of improving the quality of life of patients needing joint replacement surgery through the most advanced electronics, robotics, and 3D printing technologies.

The team from Viortec is a combination of engineers and surgeons. They made big progress on their inventions that aim to improve outcomes from knee surgeries.

Cofounder and lead engineer Catherine Galvin said “Viortec has made incredible progress in these three months. GRIFFIN has enabled us to explore new opportunities through newfound connections”


FuturifAI utilises AI Technology, algorithms, and physics to alter the way space companies use satellites and other space technology. They are pioneering incorporating domain expertise and physics into machine learning models for building trustworthy AI systems.

The team from FuturifAI said the program changed the way they operated drastically, helping them, transform into an investment-ready business with genuine value, “We are evolving and growing as a team, and ready to take the lead in incorporating AI into Space missions!”.


AtOne is a virtual reality(VR) mind fitness trainer that uses mindfulness meditation techniques, biometrics and immersive environments to target stress, recovery and behaviour change.

Founder Edwina said the program was instrumental in her business’s placemaking journey, she noted the meaningful connections she was able to make within Canberra’s innovative ecosystem.

She said, “The mentors were brilliant and gave so much time and advice to us all. It has been fantastic to connect with the other teams in the program and it was such a friendly, supportive atmosphere to work in. I am feeling much more connected with my local community in Canberra and great to have a Startup Hub to go to and be inspired and supported. “


Hydrogen Renewable Energy Australia (HYREA)

HYREA aspires to solve the problem of sustainable and efficient transportation and storage of hydrogen, a major barrier to the adoption of hydrogen as a sustainable energy solution. HYREA is able to extract green hydrogen and create Solid Hydrogen Cells that can be stored and transported easily. In the future, hydrogen could be a sustainable replacement for fossil fuels.

The team from HYREA said their experience of the Accelerator was “tremendous”  and has helped them develop and refine their aims for their project.


The GRIFFIN Accelerator program will open again in 2023!

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