World Idea Day supports people who want to do good in the world by bringing awesome ideas to life. Held on the 16th of November, this day is focused on facilitating innovation and change.

Founded by Craig Bernard on the belief that good ideas come from curiosity, collaboration, connection and courage, World Idea Day provides the space and tools for people to come together and grow ideas into successful startups and projects.

“I decided to create a global initiative to help individuals and organisations take their awesome ideas and do something with them. I want them to have an equal chance of success and I want the world to benefit from this level playing field,” said Craig Bernard, Founder of World Idea Day.

The goal of World Idea Day is to not just raise awareness for ideas and innovation, but to take the first steps towards seeing the ideas come to life.

Craig believes that telling someone about your innovation or idea is a huge stepping stone that leads to collaboration, innovation and real plans.

“I don’t believe we should accept this unlevel playing field as a given, I don’t believe the best ideas and most passionate people come from a handful of universities in the US, I don’t believe that if you don’t have a university degree you should have close-to-no chance of creating a successful tech start up and I don’t believe that where you were born means your capacity to create positive change in the world is any less than any other person.” Said Craig.

World Idea Day is hoping to have events held across the globe thrown by innovators and entrepreneurs to create an environment that provides a life support to those ideas and the people who have them.

The initiative has been designed in a way that no matter how big or small the event, it is a chance for workplaces, schools and communities to innovate.

Get involved on the 16th of November. Host an event, collaborate with your coworkers and most importantly, get your ideas out of your head and into the real world.

For more information you can visit their website, and keep up to date through LinkedIn.

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