There are so many benefits to coworking; Here are the things we love most about working up on Level 5, 1 Moore Street.

The Flexibility:

Are you working on your startup full-time? Maybe you’re still studying or on the 9-to-5 grind but you’re bootstrapping your way to success? We understand that every entrepreneur’s journey and needs are different. From 24/7 building access to causal drop in sessions, we try our best to have a suitable option for everyone.

As a resident, you can enjoy the flexibility of a modern coworking space that constantly changes and adapts to the needs of its user community.  Whether you’re a business, a startup or going at it solo, there’s a flexible option for you.

The Networking:

What’s that saying? It’s not what you know, it’s who you know. Coworking at Canberra Innovation Network gives you and your business the opportunity to collaborate and network with other like-minded entrepreneurs. Within the community you might find potential partners, colleagues or friends. Not only do you meet cool people by joining a coworking space, it’s a great way to grow your network.

The Facilities:

Let’s face it, working in your local coffee shop or home office can present some challenges. When you’re working from the coworking space at Canberra Innovation Network, you have access to desk space, meeting rooms, a kitchen and high-speed internet. While you’re busy focusing on your startup, we’re focusing on creating a space for you and your business to thrive in. It’s the perfect place to grow your business.

The Support:

We understand the startup life can be tough. But don’t worry, we’ve got your back. When you’re working at Canberra Innovation Network, we want to provide you with a space that’s conducive to innovation and support.  We have an experienced team who are always keen to chat about your business. We also have a range of programs, events and workshops.

The Community:

Take it from us, the best bit about coworking at Canberra Innovation Network is being a part of an amazing community. We have a diverse mix of startups, researchers and innovators working in the space who all have different passions, backgrounds and skill-sets.

We understand how important it is to have events that brings the whole community together. With Friday afternoon drinks, community run lunch-and-learns and a regular calendar of events, it’s easy to connect with this thriving community.

Curious to know if coworking at Canberra Innovation Network is right for you? Find out more information by booking an intro meeting and tour.

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