Running a startup is a more than full time job – there are so many added processes involved that leave most entrepreneurs focusing on their start up almost 24/7. We asked the Entry29 members their best ways to relax and wind down after tough times, or during a long week.

  1. Meditation

Meditation is a process that allows the body to relieve stress and reduce tension caused by running a startup business.

“It is essential to make the on-going dialogue in your head go quiet for a moment. I love it, it helps relieve stress and anxiety during busy times.”

Where to start: For those looking to get into meditation, Calm is a guided relaxation and meditation app.

  1. Sports and physical activity

Sports and physical activity are important as it increases your energy and has a mental effect of making you (and your body) happier and feel better. Many entrepreneurs need sports to keep an active lifestyle and use different energy other than energy focused on the startup.

“To avoid a burnout, I keep my sports and hobbies active”

Where to start: To find local sports teams in Canberra, visit ACT Sports for a list all over Canberra!

  1. Hanging with family and friends

Social activity came up a lot with the members – saying how hanging with their friends, drinks with their friends, or being with their families has a huge impact on helping them wind down and recover. Being with loved ones helps improves your mood, makes you feel good about yourself, and overall give us a sense of belonging. It is the easiest and most popular way to relax.

“Bevvies with my friends. Always helps.”

Where to start: Pick up the phone, type a message or send a carrier pigeon!

  1. Nature

Get into nature and ditch the technology. A detox from technology is important because it shifts our focus from the screens to real life. It promotes seeing the world and connecting with people without the help of a device.

“I use nature to relax and gather their thoughts”
“Getting away from technology is the number one activity – going to the coast or hiking is a great way to relax and gather your thoughts.”

Where to start: We are spoilt in here in Canberra, check out Out In Canberra for the 10 best nature walks in Canberra.

  1. Listen to music

It is scientifically proven that listening to music makes you happier, lowers stress, reduces depression, elevates your mood, and overall keeps your brain healthy. It is no surprise that this was a chosen option – like hanging with family and friends, music is an easy way to switch off with the world.

Where to start: lofi hip hop radio – beats to relax/study to

Do you have your own ways to wind down and relax? Let us know! #CBRIN

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