What’s all the buzz about? – Canberra Business Buzz

Canberra Business Buzz is an online business community facilitated by the Canberra Business Chamber, for Canberrans to connect, build networks, and grow their businesses with the help of the community.

The Canberra Business Chamber aims to have 30,000 Canberra businesses in the mix and have three main goals for the platform:


For Canberra businesses to find connections, build their networks and grow their potential market and supply chains.


To be the place for conversation – an open forum where individuals and businesses can start and join conversations on topics that matter to business, industry and the region.


To be the ‘go-to’ place for questions, business challenges and lessons learnt.

Already in the forum are hundreds of small business owners, entrepreneurs and industry representatives asking questions and helping others by sharing ideas and experiences.

From discussions on the recent Budget, to questions about HR, job opportunities and business recommendations – you can tap into a wealth of knowledge in a single post.

“We understand that businesses want information and resources, and they want to connect with each other,” said Graham Catt, Canberra Business Chamber CEO.

“We also understand that face to face events can be limiting in their reach, plus not everyone feels comfortable with that kind of networking. The Buzz is a significant step up in reach, it represents a way to network beyond events and reach thousands of businesses at a time, and it’s very a user-friendly platform for businesses to access information and resources.”

Canberra Innovation Network CEO, Petr Adamek believes that connection and collaboration is essential for Canberra businesses to thrive.

“As our businesses evolve, adapt and grow their market shares, they source their competitive advantage increasingly from the networks they can establish in the community they are part of.  The Canberra Business Buzz makes it much easier to do that,” said Petr.

Canberra Business Buzz is free to join for all businesses in the ACT & the Canberra Region – You can find out more at cbrbusiness.buzz