World’s first sports science technology that can quantify movement control to launch at the Australian Institute of Sport.

On Tuesday 19 July, Elizabeth McGrath, CEO of Prism Neuro and co-founder Professor Gordon Waddington will hosted a launch event as their new ground-breaking technology that analyses elite athletes’ movement control is rolled out at the Australian Institute of Sport.

The technology measures the function of pathways used by the brain to control movement.  The testing is delivered using a portable system designed and built here in the Canberra region, along with VR and cloud-based software.  The Prism Neuro cloud-based data analytics will allow hardware to be deployed around the world while the data comes back to Prism Neuro to be used in AI models continually improving the product.

Prism Neuro test results can be used to help manage athletes.  High scores indicate athletic potential – individuals with great movement control are more likely to perform better.  Low scores indicate a risk of injury and could signal lingering effects of a previous injury.  Identifying low scores can allow intervention.

Beyond sport, the technology can be applied to space, health, and military environments; providing the ability to understand brain-body movement control impacts in low-gravity environments, in ageing and diseases that affect movement control, and assisting Government organisations in selecting and managing elite military personnel.

Prism Neuro has caught the attention of elite sporting teams & athletes from across the globe, as they continue to cement their status as trailblazers in sports technology.

CEO, Elizabeth McGrath says “We are working with major sporting leagues in the United States along with Australian athletes and sporting organisations, and our technology is providing insights for athlete management that are not available from any other source.”

“We have also strategically headquartered our company at the Australian Institute of Sport, where there is a strong vision to utilise the venue as a sports tech innovation hub, combining research and entrepreneurship in sport.”

The Prism Neuro team has leveraged decades of experience working with established organisations, including NASA, the Australian Institute of Sport, US Military Special Operations Units and Professional Sporting Teams, to provide products and services that demystify neuroscience and unlock human potential.

About Prism Neuro

Prism Neuro was founded in May 2020 and is a recipient of an ACT Government Innovation Grant through the Canberra Innovation Network (CBRIN).  The company was also selected to participate in the CBRIN Griffin Accelerator cohort of 2020-21 and was featured in the Canberra Innovation Showcase in December 2020.

Prism Neuro, a Canberra-based startup received the award for Startup of the Year in the Space Connect Australian Space Awards 2021.  Prism Neuro is developing technology that addresses physiological issues faced by astronauts in low gravity and is one of the few companies in Australia with roots in space medicine.  Their technology is also applicable to sport, health and the military.

The founders of Prism Neuro, Prof Gordon Waddington, Dr Braden McGrath and Dr Elizabeth McGrath all have a history of space medicine research.  This began with Braden’s career at the Naval Aerospace Medical Research Laboratory in the USA, and continued when Elizabeth joined the same laboratory, where they worked directly with NASA scientists.  More recently, Gordon conducted research with the NASA Johnson Space Center in Houston.