Some people were born to change the world. If you’re one such individual, then you most likely understand the time, skills and resources required to make a true impact. You probably also know that where there is a will, there is always a way. If you’ve been searching for the latter, the GRIFFIN Accelerator program might just be the answer to your entrepreneurial dreams.

Run by the Canberra Innovation Network, the three month intensive program is led by a group of seasoned entrepreneurs who invest in, host, teach and mentor selected startups to create successful businesses. At its heart, GRIFFIN is for the trailblazers of the contemporary business climate, uniquely designed to challenge and test your ideas, and to help you mature as a founder.

For individuals who are serious about making a positive mark on their industry of choice, GRIFFIN will guide you into the fast lane towards success. When it comes to an average day in the life of participants, Liz Kobold, Business Ninja of Canberra Innovation Network, says it is all about allowing each individual to grow and nurture their ideas while surrounded by expert guidance and ongoing support.

“The 12 weeks are really all about you, the founder. We start the program with an icebreaker event where you can meet the team and the mentors, this will be a good opportunity for you to plan out what you want to achieve over the three months. A typical week will involve a catch up early on Monday morning with the Acceleration team and the other participants in the program, followed by a seminar delivered by an experienced mentor. We will also have regular office hours with the mentors as well as social events every other week,” Ms Kobold said.

Between meeting with mentors and mingling with fellow game-changers, participants are expected to be working hard on their businesses, building their empires one piece at a time. For past GRIFFIN finalists, this balance of collaboration and solo studio time has been hugely beneficial to their process. According to Arthur Pappas, Growth Program Associate of Canberra Innovation Network, past participants have found the GRIFFIN atmosphere to be extremely conducive to increased inspiration and heightened productivity.

“GRIFFIN alumni often tell us that the best thing about the program is the environment and support that they receive. Everything from the space to the program [itself] is designed to help you achieve startup success more quickly, and we try hard to make you feel welcome,” Mr Pappas said.

As a sector agnostic accelerator, GRIFFIN welcomes companies who are solving problems in every industry. In the past, GRIFFIN has accelerated companies in ag-tech, med-tech, construction-tech, renewables, education, retail-tech and fashion, just to name a few. What matters most is that you’re driven to make a difference, no matter what your status, gender, job title or industry.

“Our competitive program is open to all; we’re willing to take on companies who have a prototype but no revenue all the way through to companies with existing products and customers. This year we’ve also added some specific activities and opportunities that will hopefully attract and better support female participants,” Ms Kobold said.

Incentives such as these ensure that the GRIFFIN Accelerator program attracts and encourages a diverse range of applications, resulting in creative cohorts that can learn from and grow alongside one another. When it comes to the heart of the program though, the secret to GRIFFIN’s success lies in the strength of its mentors, knowledgeable experts who have been there and done that.

“Our mentors are experienced business people from a wide variety of industry backgrounds. Many of them have not only built successful businesses but also exited from them successfully, too. This year we also have several dedicated female mentors who are some of the program’s biggest contributors, including: Lyndal Thorburn, Sylvia Tulloch, Leecia Angus, and Anne-Marie Perret,” Ms Kobold said.

Boasting substantial experience in startups, working with entrepreneurs, startup investing and raising capital, sales and business development, and significant industry and investor networks, the GRIFFIN mentor team offer the program’s participants unrivaled, real-world guidance, the kind that gets you places, fast.

If you want to join a community for courageous founders driving innovative businesses, and be led by experienced investor mentors, the GRIFFIN Accelerator program will make sure you always have someone in your creative corner.

To learn more about how the program can work for you visit the GRIFFIN website or call 02) 6162 1149. You can also get in touch via email at enquiries@cbrin.com.au, or book your intro meeting online.


Article written by Kathryn Carter, Writer for Canberra Times

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