Solar Campus, a team of 6 students from the Australian National University (ANU) has been announced as the winning team for the 30-hour ZeroCO2 Hackathon facilitated by the Canberra Institute of Technology (CIT), the Canberra Innovation Network and NEOEN on Wednesday 6th March.

The solution empowers students to invest in solar panels installed across university campuses. This innovative business concept also offers the Universities an opportunity to engage with their students in a different mode enriching the relationship, all while reducing the CO2 emissions by utilising renewable technology.

“The 30-hour hackathon was an excellent challenge to consider impactful ways to reduce CO2, but more importantly an extremely valuable opportunity to learn from experts, test ideas and get guidance on how to refine them. We’re now looking forward to the ongoing support from the Canberra Innovation Network to keep learning and progressing our community energy idea”. Mark McAnulty, Solar Campus.

The ZeroCO2 Hackathon was a gruelling event that challenged 9 teams to develop business solutions to look at existing renewable and sustainable technology and how it can be applied in practice to enhance the lives of every day Canberrans and help reduce CO2 emissions, supporting the ACT’s ambitious zero CO2 target.

“The teams are given 30 hours to plan, refine and prototype an idea, combining the mentor and expert resources available with their passion and ambition, stitching it into a business concept that has market potential.” Petr Adamek, CEO Canberra Innovation Network

The ZeroCO2 Hackathon is a collaboration between the Canberra Innovation Network, the Canberra Institute of Technology and NEOEN. Through this partnership it offered up to a $15,000 prize pool, comprised of cash and in-kind support to help accelerate the winning idea into market.

Hackathons provide a platform where the best problem solvers for any given challenge come together, rapidly refining and prototyping their innovation to make global impact.

“Bringing diverse teams with the right skills together to connect, knowledge share and test potential solutions was at the heart of why we pursued a hackathon to help tackle the global issues around climate change.” Leanne Cover, CEO Canberra Institute of Technology

As one of only four providers in the southern hemisphere delivering courses accredited by the Global Wind Organisation (GWO), CIT is leading the nation in delivering large-scale wind energy training courses preparing the next generation of leaders in this high-growth sector.

“We are proud to have CIT as one of our six Foundation Members, working towards a common goal for Canberra to be recognised globally as a clever, connected and creative city.” Petr Adamek, CEO Canberra Innovation Network

The Canberra Innovation Network connects innovation and entrepreneurship with science and research. More than 10,000 visitors engage with the network every year, including in the 14 different programs and innovation focused educational courses the network supports and runs.

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