Sharing is caring with the launch of Aurabox for doctors

The once difficult act of sharing a patient’s medical imaging has become much simpler for
doctors with Aurabox, a software-as-a-service platform that enables seamless sharing of
medical imaging between doctors and patients.
For radiologist, Aurabox CEO, and co-founder Dr Chaturica Athukorala, the sharing ability of
the platform is what sets it apart from the status quo.
“The ability to share a patient’s imaging with their care team or even with a doctor in another
city is a game-changer and something that’s been so difficult up until now. Too often I waste
time hunting for patient imaging from different providers. Now, no matter where the imaging
was obtained, it can be stored, viewed and shared with a single link, all on the one platform
— Aurabox.”
“Our patient-centric approach has delivered a workflow solution that gives time back to
doctors to optimise patient care and management, and peace of mind to patients that their
imaging is stored in a single, safe location.”
Chief Technology Officer and Aurabox co-founder Christopher Skene said doctors can now
sign-up to view and share patient medical imaging all on a single platform.
“We’re thrilled to be opening the platform to the broader medical profession. Managing
imaging for complex patients is messy and time-consuming. Multiple systems, CDs, USBs,
temporary logins… It can take hours for doctors and their staff to just ensure they have the
imaging needed for their next clinic.”
Everyone in a patient’s care team, including the patient and imaging providers, can upload
imaging and reports into Aurabox, says Skene.
“Aurabox reduces the workload in collating imaging and ensures that once it’s uploaded for a
patient you can view it in the same place again and again in the future.”
Aurabox is available to Australian medical professionals now. Doctors can access their first
five patients for free. Sign up for a monthly subscription and take advantage of the early-bird
Individuals can register to store their own imaging for free.

Media contact: hello@aurabox.cloud

Feature photograph: Tracey Murray Photography