If you were stuck in an elevator with a potential investor or customer, would you be able to tell them your numbers off the cuff? Knowing your metrics is an important sales tool that will help you drive your business growth.

One of Canberra’s most successful entrepreneurs Matt Bullock, founder of eWay and Spinify, tells us some of his insights into making the most out of your growth metrics.

Where to start, first of all, know what tactic you are using. Are you planning on using a marketing approach to drive the customer to your website to start the sales process? Or do you plan on cold calling and doing a direct sales approach, that leads to developing marketing collateral and brand loyalty?

Here is a simple approach to generating leads from Matt:

Email marketing: reach out to the people who are interested in what you are selling.

Traffic to your website: ensure your website is clear to what you are trying to achieve.

Chat functionality: an automated chat function where it can immediately start the connection with the customer.

Follow-up with a call: are they the right fit for the product?

Introduce a demo: is your product solving their problem?

Follow-up: do not leave it too late, provide support and advice.

The one thing all these functions have in common is that they are measurable, you can instantly see where potential customers may be dropping off through your sales pipeline. This gives you the insight to adapt and revise language, product features and website functionality.

“Numbers can become obsessive, take advantage of it and let it motivate you to keep improving.” Matt Bullock Founder of e-way and Spinify

The best salesperson is the founder, they are the one who knows everything about the company. When recruiting a sales team, ask yourself if they are coachable and if you can bring them along on to the company vision. The more buy in you have from your staff, the harder they will work to help you achieve and exceed your metrics.

Busting to find out what is next?

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